Pics From Eva Marcille's Wedding Day Will Make 'RHOA' Fans Swoon

Alex Martinez/Bravo

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Eva Marcille is new to the series but her wedding has given her a big storyline during Season 11 as the world watches everything unfold leading up to the moment she says “I Do.” The model and actress got engaged to Michael Sterling in 2017 and the couple welcomed their first biological child together back in April 2018. In case you forgot, Eva has a four-year-old daughter from her previous relationship but Sterling has been co-parenting with Eva since they started dating three years ago. Obviously, the show is not in real-time so everything that fans are watching went down a few months ago. Eva Marcille and Michael Sterling got married on October 7, which Eva confirmed via a short but sweet Instagram post of the couple complete with a caption expressing her love for her man and excitement about the big day. And the pictures of Eva Marcille's wedding only further prove the point that it was a gorgeous day.

Eva didn’t reveal any video or in-depth details from the ceremony on her special day, but she did drop some additional photos of her gorgeous ballroom dress, her daughter (who served as the flower girl), fellow RHOA castmates, and even a shot of her hubby fishing for her garter at the reception. Obviously, she was all smiles and good vibes as she thanked her bridesmaids, nail technician, and photographers for making her day super special.

Everything looked picture perfect, but it definitely came at a hefty price tag. According to the Daily Mail, the Sterling wedding had approximately 235 guests and set the couple back $200K with three outfit changes for Eva, thousands of white roses, two wedding cakes, and the swanky Atlanta Southern Exchange Ballrooms venue. Mrs. Sterling also bucked a few traditional wedding touches by forgoing a veil and featuring her makeup artist Terrell Mullins as her Man of Honor.

Daily Mail also revealed several photos of the reality star crying as she wed her “prince” and later sipping on vodka with pineapple juice at the reception. And yes, all of the Housewives appeared to put their differences aside to enjoy a beautiful day filled with love and happiness. It's a welcome break from all the typical drama that usually takes place between these ladies. But, pictures only tell a part of the story, right?

It will be interesting to see what the RHOA cameras capture of the day and everything that wend down behind the scenes to make this day come together. Eva and her mom are recently at odds on the show, so they may have bumped heads a bit leading up to the ceremony. And, there's always a ton of tension between Kandi and Porsha that may have led to some interesting moments.

There was probably a lot of partying and some alcohol involved at the reception, so who knows what went down later that night. One thing is for sure – nothing is ever simple and sweet for these ladies. Thankfully, the cameras will dish out all the juicy details for fans' entertainment.