How To Make Your Own Home Look Like The US ‘Love Island’ Villa, For Cheap


The first ever US version of Love Island premieres Tues., Jul. 9 at 8:00 p.m. ET on CBS with a special 90 minute episode hosted by Arielle Vandenberg. The series, of course, is based on the smash-hit UK series of the same name, so it's bound to be a good watch. Now, ahead of the premiere, the series has released a first look at the interior design of the US Love Island villa in Fiji that the series' love-seeking contestants will be calling home. As if Fiji wasn't already the ultimate filming location, this villa is decorated with such colorful and vibrant taste, every room is worthy of a close up.

First things first: The best features of the villa. Based off the photos, contestants will be able to lounge on the sprawling wood patio, swim in the ginormous pool (this thing is huge), pamper themselves in the glam room that overlooks the ocean (it's what Kardashian dreams are made of, I think), or hang out in any of the quirky, cozy, romantic spaces set up throughout the house. The villa features show-stopping design elements by Pop & Scott, BZippy & Co., and more, as well as wall murals in the main house by designed by artist Betty Larkinand, as the cherry on top, a Villa Hideaway room for couples to spend a romantic night alone that was designed exclusively for the show by American designer Jonathan Adler.

All of the features of the villa put together give it some seriously positive and luxe vibes — aka, it's the perfect setting to find love and have a good time with friends.

Contestants are not going to want to leave this house, and when you get a good look at this decor, you're going to want to have it for your home, too. However, that's not really possible: Because this house was decorated by high end designers who made custom pieces, it's not exactly attainable for viewers at home. So, to bridge the gap between the wow-ness you're seeing on screen and the lackluster vibe you're feeling at home by comparison, I've put together a list of items inspired by the real thing.

Here's your Love Island inspired decor guide to get you through that Fiji FOMO:

The Patio


Canary Yellow Couch

This bright couch is the happiest couch I've ever seen. Instead of the couch being this dark, squishy nap zone, make it a casual seat by opting for a zippy color and having fun with it.

Ocean Themed Pillow Throw

These contrasting pillows make the couch look a little less striking so that it blends in and adheres to an all-around colorful theme. Plus, a calming ocean print pillow adds a chill vibe that's a fun contrast with the energizing couch color.

The Bedroom


Neon Signage

The house is filled with neon signs featuring catch phrases and greetings, and while it might look like a surreal luxury, you can actually have one at home for a reasonable price.

Round Colored Headboards

I would never have thought to seek out a curved headboard or found myself feeling brave enough to go for a bright color, but this pop of vibrance against white sheets is pretty happy-looking.

Circular Floating Accent Shelf

In lieu of a nightside table, this little floating accent shelf is an innovative touch that saves space while still offering an effective solution.

Bedside Storage

At the end of each bed is a low dresser that looks a footboard, but is really just some extra sneaky storage. It's makes the entire bed look larger and gets you the sleek storage you need without take over more valuable space on the floor.

Colorful Moroccan Rug

Minimalist whites are out, inky, bright colors are in. This pink accented Moroccan low pile shag rug is the vibrance on the floor you didn't know you needed.

Villa Hideaway


Lip Art Prints

Whether it's for a bedroom or a glam room, these bold lip prints make a sexy and glamorous statement. Though they might seem bold for your home, you can balance out the look with some decorative pillows in the room to carry the color around.

Lucite Furniture

This furniture is great for small spaces because its see-through appearance creates the illusion of openness, while also serving a solid storage and decor function at the same time.

Fuzzy Pillows

These fuzzy pillows will bring a cozy texture to any home, no matter what your interior design game is.

Geometric Pillows

Whether you're making a dull space look more exciting, or adding another pattern to an already colorful space, these mod geometric pillows are an artful addition.