Starbucks Just Gave The Pink Drink A Place On Its Menu

For so many moons now (OK, for like a few months), Starbucks fans have lurked in the depths of the Secret Menu websites looking for the perfect recipe to concoct the mythical beast known as the "Starbucks Pink Drink," a gorgeously hued drink that blew up everyone's feeds in the summer of 2016. As it turns out, all of our efforts have paid off — Starbucks added the Pink Drink to its year-round menu starting April 10, where it is now available to purchase in-store and in-app wherever your sparkly, strawberry heart desires.

If you are not familiar with the magic of this caffeinated pink sauce, then welcome to the unicorn of Starbucks drinks. Flavored with Strawberry Acai Refreshers and Starbucks' Coconutmilk combined with passionfruit and acai flavors, ten topped with some delicious strawberries to boot, the Pink Drink proves to be as delicious and Instagrammable as its mythos has promised.

So what's the difference between Starbucks' official version and the version we were ordering rogue before? Not much, really. Aside from the fact that you'll no longer have to break an unwitting barista's brain customizing it to a tee, this formula has been tried and will remain true. Why mess with perfection?


We’re thrilled that the beloved Pink Drink is joining the Starbucks menu, just in time for the warmer spring months,” said Vivienne Long, Starbucks vice president, U.S. Retail Beverages, in a Starbucks press release. “This delicious and refreshing drink is a celebration of our customers’ and baristas’ creativity and is just one of the 170,000 ways we craft beverages to meet each person’s unique taste preferences.”

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the 170,000 part of that sentence? You could live 465 years on this Earth drinking one Starbucks drink per day and still not sample the full offerings. YOW-ZA.

For those of you who are worried about the caffeine content of the Pink Drink, rest assured that this one is a little tamer than most things on the menu — the bit of caffeine in it comes from the green coffee extract (45mg to 55mg in a Grande Strawberry Acai Refreshers Beverage, which is what the drink is mixed with). In short, you can Instagram your Pink Drink at 5 p.m. and drink it, too. Just be sure to use the #PinkDrink hashtag when you share, so all the other Pink Drinkers can revel in its glory with you. Happy summer, y'all!