Pink's VMAs Speech About Her Daughter & Androgyny Is So Incredibly Moving


If you weren't already obsessed with Pink, her performance and speech at the 2017 VMAs most certainly got you to that point. Not only did the singer perform a medley of her biggest hits like "So What" and "What About Us," but her acceptance speech for the Video Vanguard Award was an emotional, eloquent take on issues like body image, sexism, and empowerment. Seriously, Pink's speech at the VMAs brought down the house, and for completely worthy reasons.

After accepting her award from her friend Ellen DeGeneres, Pink focused her speech on her 6-year-old daughter, Willow (Pink and husband Carey Hart also have an infant son, Jameson). The singer told the audience how Willow recently told her that she was the "ugliest girl I know," to which her mom, understandably, responded with confusion. Willow explained that she felt, due to the criticisms from her peers, that she looked like a boy with long hair, and felt insecure because of this.

Pink explained to the audience that upon hearing this, her first reaction was anger. But instead of focusing her energy on the kids responsible for making fun of Willow, the star instead decided to make a Powerpoint presentation for her daughter of "androgynous rock stars and artists that live their truth, are probably made fun of every day of their life, and carry on and wave their flag and inspire the rest of us." Despite criticism, these people, like Freddie Mercury, Janis Joplin, Elton John and more continued on, and created incredible legacies in the process.

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Pink then told Willow that people make fun of her for looking masculine too, but instead of changing her look, she feels pride in it. I said, “when people made fun of me, that’s what they use. They say I look like a boy or I’m too masculine or I have too many opinions. My body is too strong,'" Pink described in the speech. "And I said to her, 'Do you see me growing my hair?' She said, 'No, momma.' 'Do you see me changing my body?' 'No, momma.' 'Do you see me changing the way I present myself to the world?' 'No, momma.' 'Do you see me selling out arenas all over the world?' 'Yes, momma.'"

“'OK, so, baby girl, we don’t change,'" the star continued. "'We take the gravel in the shell and we make a pearl. And we help other people to change so that they can see more kinds of beauty.'”

It was an incredibly moving and inspiring speech, and both fans and Pink's fellow musicians felt its power.

Bravo, Pink, both on the well-deserved Video Vanguard award and a gorgeous, unforgettable speech we all deserve to hear.