A Woman Tweeted About Her Breakup & Pizza Hut Came To The Rescue In The Best Way

While there may not be one cure-all for heartbreak, I’m pretty sure at least part of the remedy involves pizza. Hopefully such is the case for Australian writer and author Rosie Waterland who was gifted free food by Pizza Hut after tweeting about her break-up. We all need a shoulder to cry on after a heartbreak, and sometimes that shoulder is ... Pizza Hut?

On Monday, Waterland, who is the best-selling author of the book The Anti-Cool Girl, tweeted about being “dumped and ghosted” by a guy she’d been seeing. “Hello I’m 31 and just got dumped via messenger and simultaneously blocked across all platforms so I couldn’t respond,” she posted. Waterland added in another tweet that she’d gotten eyelash refills which meant she “CANNOT CRY FOR 24 HOURS.” Not sure if that’s kismet timing or if the heartbreak gods were like, “lol watch this.”

Waterland’s tweets were met from consoling messages from her followers, each offering support, condolences, and their own personal cure for heartbreak. One of those messages was from Pizza Hut’s official Twitter account.

“Pizza will always be there for you,” they wrote and told Waterland to DM them so they could send something her way. Basically, Pizza Hut is the friend we all need after a break up, and welcome to 2018, I guess.

On Tuesday, Waterland shared a screenshot of her DMs back and forth with Pizza Hut who said they wanted to send her some free pizza on Friday. “I have never loved a social media publicity stunt more,” Waterland tweeted. “PIZZA IS MY PARTNER NOW.”

I’m sure many of us have relied on the comfort of a cheesy piece of pizza to get us through a rough patch. So goes the saying, time and marinara sauce heal all wounds. But this is next level pizza therapy.

“Pizza is more dependable than any man,” one Twitter user responded and, like, that person isn’t wrong.

No word yet on whether Pizza Hut has delivered on their promise/pizza. But here’s hoping Waterland is able to spend Friday night surrounded by those she loves the most AKA her favorite pizzas.

Usually, I’m quick to call “pandering” on Twitter-based publicity stunts, especially when a brand inserts themselves into a conversation they weren’t initially a part of. But also, I’m not a heartless monster and free pizza is free pizza. So, to that I say, pander away, Pizza Hut.

A few other Twitter users chimed in to say that they too had recently been broken up with. Understandably so. I’m currently wondering what I have to tweet about to get some free breadsticks. (You think they’d throw in dessert if I say my period cramps have been super bad this week?) Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like Pizza Hut has extended the offer to any other broken-hearted tweeters.

Earlier this year, people tweeted about the worst ways to get dumped, and honestly, via messenger and then being blocked so you can’t respond is up there with the worst of them. Fortunately, most people are in agreement that being broken up with over Facebook and other social platforms is a break heartless thing to do.

Regardless of the way you and your ex broke it off, experts recommend you stay off social media after a break-up. “If someone is struggling through a breakup and fixated on their ex, staying actively engaged in the relationship through social media will make it harder to move forward and the recovery will take longer,” Dr. Cortney Warren, clinical psychologist and contributing EXpert for, previously told Bustle.

While incessantly stalking your ex’s profile may not be great on the heart, tweeting about your break up could potentially get you some free pizza. Free pizza is scientifically good for the stomach and the heart.