Designers At Fashion Week Sent Literal Plastic Outfits Down The Runway, So Grab Your Saran Wrap

Clothing with see-through elements and the "plastic" look have long been a thing — from Beyonce's 2015 Met Gala naked dress to the mom jeans that featured clear plastic panels woven into the front. Well, plastic outfits are owning Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and it's a whole other take on the "naked fashion" trend. We don't mean clothes-free, either, because fashion is inherently about actual articles of clothing.

This is high fashion with a degree of nudeness worked into the overall presentation. While see-through and peek-a-boo ensembles with clear, plastic elements always pop up, this is something entirely different.

Head to the kitchen and break out your trusty roll of Saran Wrap because it's that sort of plastic 'n' naked fashion! Outfits were constructed of plastic materials. At times, they were see-through, leaving little to the imagination! In many cases, nipples were visible.

As The Daily Star reports, these plastic-looking outfits have asserted themselves as a legit thing during Fashion Week in multiple locales — NYC, London, and Madrid. These ensembles have dominated runways.

If you are a budding fashion designer, you have a new source of inspo when it comes to fabric. If you've never had the desire to create clothes, you might be bitten by the inspiration bug upon looking at these outfits.

The naked, Saran Wrap fashions abounded at the Zap & Buj for Samsung EGO Innovation Project event.

The models at this show were decked out in incredibly original, plastic-looking pieces. They may not be wearable IRL but they sure are fun to look at. The show featured a variety of looks, all of which we've broken down below!

This boxy, ankle-grazing frock boasted slices and what can be regarded as airholes. It's like having a built-in air conditioning or cooling unit. Regardless, it was certainly a daring take on the naked dress look with a plastic construction.

Here it is from the back. It's not exactly wearable to every formal occasion. But it is artsy and will elicit "Oohs!" and "Aahs!"

This geometric, holographic-looking dress mimicked cellophane. Seriously, though! Couldn't you see Rihanna rocking this at some point? The model's glowing, dewy skin matched the sheen of the "fabric."

The models wore blush bodysuits and then wrapped themselves in their plastic dresses before strutting down the runway.

Notice all of the models wore strappy platforms with their plastic outfits.

This plastic mini with an asymmetrical hem held unique charm. It also looked like something Lady Gaga has worn, will wear, or would wear.

It wasn't just about clear, Saran Wrap-like outfits. The aluminum foil vibe was also strong. This is a new way to do metallics. The sharp lines of this dress were striking and this looked like something Tilda Swinton would totally slay.

That was quite a bra!

It was the train that was most show-stopping regarding this look.

This silhouette had sort of a fringe-y, '20s flapper vibe, no? It was another holographic look.

This iridescent, shade-shifting dress was yet another Rihanna moment. We could totally see her owning this look.

This particular fashion show was the most Saran Wrap-inspired. But there were plenty of other nude and unapologetically sheer outfits all over the place.

While nude fashion will always have its place, plastic wrap could become the next style trend and the "go to" material in 2018. Will it trickle down to fast fashion retailers as separates? That's entirely possible. You may find yourself adding a plastic wrap piece, like a jacket or a clutch, to your wardrobe for fall. If not, it's totally acceptable to simply marvel at these unusual looks from afar.

And that's a wrap!