This Device Will Help You Plump Your Lips At Home

If the Kylie Jenner lip challenge is seared into your brain like it is mine, the idea of plumping your lips with a device may seem horrifying. However, PMD's lip plumping device promises to make your lips look fuller in three minutes, and it won't leave those heinous bruises all over your mouth. While your lips are perfect how they are, if you're wanting to experiment with a fuller pout without the more permanent methods, PMD's The Kiss may just be the ideal product to add to your beauty routine.

Currently, there are tons of great lip plumping serums and glosses on the market, but PMD's Kiss uses unique technology in that it blends a tool with a serum that enables customers to plump their lips, increase collagen product, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles all at the same time. Plus, the plumping technology lasts for three to five hours, which means that it'll totally hold up during your night out.

Sam Alexander, CEO of PMD, said, "We wanted to create a safe, smart and sexy way for our customers to achieve fuller lips without injectable fillers or implants that provides long-lasting results. We are proud to enter a new section of the beauty industry and continue to inspire brilliant confidence in women around the world."

PMD Kiss, $139, Sephora

How does the Kiss plump the lips, though? The tool has a pulsating vacuum technology is used on four distinct parts of the lips and left on for ten pulses. Once all 40 pulses have finished, users will have plumped their lips in only three minutes, and the results will last between three and five hours.

With the Kiss, customers will receive a size large and a size small attachment depending on lip size, a charger, the plumping serum, and the device itself. Plus, the Kiss comes with a year long warranty.

Bloggers are already giving the product rave reviews.

If you want to try out the kiss, head over to PMD's website. Currently, the device retails for $139, and it's still available. If you've ever wanted to plump your lips without filler or lip products that sting, the Kiss may just be your new favorite product.