This Demi-Fine Jewelry Brand Goes Up To Ring Size 13 Because Size-Inclusive Accessories Matter, Too

Plus size fashion has come quite a way since the days of being relegated to the back of a department store where the fluorescent lights are all but dead. While there are still some strides to be made, people are working toward them. Now, Poirier, a size-inclusive demi-fine jewelry brand, is working to fill in some of the gaps within plus size fashion.

The new Poirier jewelry line was created by designer Ashley Poirier. Ashley's extensive design background includes projects with major brands such as Target and Urban Outfitters — and now she's taking those talents to fashion. According to Ashley, her dedication to creating inclusive jewelry pieces comes from her own identity as a plus size woman.

"As a plus-size woman, I know how hard it is to find beautiful, well-made things," she writes in an email to Bustle.

And she's right. A quick search for plus-size jewelry will yield few results outside of major plus size brands such as Torrid or Lane Bryant. Now, Ashley's changing that with Poirier.

Courtesy of Poirier

The brand currently offers an assortment of rings, necklaces, and bracelets, all of which are perfect for everyday wear and feature minimalist design elements. Thanks to the Ashley's desire to make demi-fine jewelry, all of the pieces are 14K gold or rhodium plated sterling silver. If you were concerned about the jewelry turning like those buy one get one pieces at Claire's, don't be because they won't. Since the jewelry is demi-fine the pieces also aren't going to break your bank either.

If you head to the Poirier site, you'll see that prices range from $38 to $68. While the everyday designs and do-able pricing of Poirier is great, the brand's mission and inclusive size range are what make it truly special.

The sizing, for example, goes well beyond what you find at typical retailers. Poirier rings begin at a size 7 and extend to a size 13, and Ashley even took to the Poirier Instagram account to explain just how rare that is. In the post, Ashley explains that when searching for the perfect box for the rings, standard packaging only goes up to a size 9 presenting a unique challenge for the brand.

That didn't stop Ashley. Instead, she designed a perfectly gorgeous presentation box, and explained, "If no one was going to make the type of jewelry I wanted for us, I was going to create it. If no one was going to make boxes for that jewelry, I was going to create it. And that is exactly what I did. Poirier is here to change the jewelry industry."

Courtesy of Poirier

For Poirier, plus-size jewelry is much more than just accessible style, it's about visibility.

"We deserve better," she says in an email. "This is about jewelry, but this is about much more than jewelry. This is about visibility and representation. This is about sense-of-self. This is about choice. This is about self-expression without compromise."

If you've been looking for the perfect plus size jewelry and want to support a burgeoning brand with an inclusive mission, Ashley Poirier's new Poirier jewelry line is for you and for well, every body.