Polly & Chic Cooper's Relationship On 'Riverdale' Is About To Get A Whole Lot Worse, According To Tiera Skovbye

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The last time we saw Polly Cooper (Tiera Skovbye) on Riverdale, she was rightfully getting the hell out of town. The Black Hood killer was still prowling the streets looking for sinners to add to his list of victims. Since Polly recently learned that the Coopers were secretly descended from the Blossom family, making her and Jason Blossom's newborn twin babies the product of incest, she wasn't eager to join her murdered fiancé in the afterlife just yet. She packed up her things and went to live on the mysterious "Farm," which, like Betty thought, sounded a little too much like a cult.

But Polly finally makes her grand return to Riverdale in this week's episode, and to hear Skovbye tell it, she should have just stayed far away. "There are so many murders that happen there, it's ridiculous," she tells Bustle. "Polly was probably the smartest person for moving away."

While she moved away for her babies' safety, she ultimately returns in this week's episode, "Chapter Twenty-Eight: There Will Be Blood," and brings the twins with her. "That makes her a little more mysterious," Skovbye says. "You can't really figure her out. She wants to rekindle this relationship with her sister and her mom, but that's why she left in the first place. She's being very aloof about everything so it creates this air of mystery."

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In her time away, she's been raising her babies on the Farm, and Skovbye is excited to get into exactly what's been happening there. "There's some interesting stuff to explore for sure with this cult, the Farm, and what that is really all about," she says. "I know viewers have their own ideas of what the Farm actually is and what's going on there, it's all really interesting to see. We touch on it little bits here and there."

But before that can happen, Polly is going to come face-to-face with her brother Chic (Hart Denton). And to put it mildly, these two siblings aren't going to get along. "Polly wanted to get away from all the drama and crime," Skovbye says. Considering the fact that Chic's presence somehow resulted in a murder in the Cooper family kitchen, Polly isn't going to be thrilled to find out just what kind of environment she's brought her babies into. "That just confirms why Polly left, she didn't want to raise her babies around that craziness," she adds. "Polly and Chic, let's just say that new relationship, that dynamic is going to be interesting. It doesn't go well."

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If you thought Chic was creepy before, just wait until he gets his hands on Polly's babies. Fans who have been dying to find out what exactly is up with the creepiest Cooper will finally get some answers in this week's episode, and Skovbye promises it will be surprising. "With Riverdale, anything is possible," she teases. "There is always more than meets the eye."

That's why seeing all the fan theories generated by Riverdale viewers is Skovbye's favorite part of being on the show. And as a fan of the Archie Comics drama herself (she watches it weekly with her younger sister), she's heard them all ... including the one about Chic being the real Black Hood killer. But while she isn't able to confirm or deny anything about that specific one, she does love seeing how out-there some theories can get.

"When I first came on the show, I saw one that was pretty crazy," she says. "Someone thought I wasn't real and that I was just a figment of Betty's imagination, almost like an alter ego. That was pretty funny."

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While Skovbye also currently has an arc on Once Upon a Time — which she calls "simply magical" — she can't stop thinking about Polly and what would ultimately make her happy on Riverdale. Aside from "Jason being revived from the dead" — "Can you even imagine?" she says with a laugh — she's got some ideas that she wants to pitch to Riverdale executive producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa.

"I just want her to find peace in her family and this world," Skovbye says. "She wants her kids to have a good life and to have their grandparents in their life, so she wants to solidify all the relationships that are rocky in her life. That would make her really happy."

She pauses, then adds, "But honestly the only way to make that happen is if they all moved out of Riverdale. There is so much drama that happens in the town that they can't get away from, so many bad things keep happening and so many lies that have broken this family apart, so they'd need to build their relationships back up in a safer place. Or just a lot of therapy." Honestly, there isn't enough money in the world to pay for that amount of therapy. But we're certainly here for seeing them try it out.