Pop Culture Jokes & Memes About Inauguration Day


Well, the time has come. On Friday, Jan. 20 Donald Trump is officially being sworn in as the 45th president of the United States. Now that President Barack Obama is done serving his two terms and one of the most controversial leaders on the planet will soon be inside the White House, many people are feeling all kinds of emotions. Basically, a lot of individuals are beyond sick, unhappy, and still can't believe Trump won the 2016 election. So, to cope with just that, there are all kinds of pop culture related Inauguration Day jokes and memes circulating on the internet.

What better way to express yourself than by using entertainment and pop culture moments? There are so many scenes from TV and movies that are fitting for this particular time in history. For many, it feels like the end of the world. For others, they can't even crack a smile. For some, it's like watching a great movie and then seeing the horrible sequel play out.

There's no doubt a slew of jokes and memes will be shared throughout Inauguration Day, but here a few that just might make you laugh and feel a little comfort knowing you are not alone in how you are feeling.

This Toy Story 3 Scene

Some feel like they are being incinerated.

Megatron Is Here

The country definitely is transforming.

It's Kind Of Like A Bad Movie Sequel

Speaking from the heart.

The Lion King Says It All

Is that Scar?

Scott Disick Is Here To Sing

Lord Disick has spoken.

You Might Need To Stay Off Social Media


Prepare Yourselves For The Inevitable

It's happening, people.

Women, This Is For You

Jessica Chastain isn't holding back.

You Might Be Amy Schumer

Drink up.

You Might Also Be Leslie Knope


Bane Has Spoken

This sums up Trump's speech.

It's Like The Lord Of The Rings

Don't let the Eye of Sauron see you.

A Little Star Wars Reference

Did it sound familiar to you to?

Dumbledore's Army Is Needed

Harry? Hermione? Ron?

Nothing like a good movie reference to help you laugh through all the other emotions.