Pope Francis Celebrates His Birthday With A Giant Pizza & Twitter's Got Mad Respect

Handout/Getty Images News/Getty Images

What's way better than birthday cake? Naturally, Twitter is pretty impressed by Pope Francis' birthday pizza. Yes, the pope celebrated his 81st birthday with a 13-inch long pizza in Vatican City on Sunday. And since there are few things as relatable as a love for cheese, it's safe to say the pope's birthday treat has won social media's full support.

In photos shared on Sunday, the pope was seen blowing out candles on a remarkably long pizza — which looked delicious, no lies. Children from the Dispensario Santa Maria, a Vatican pediatric clinic, joined the pope in celebrating his birthday. He jokingly told the young ones to "'eat all four meters (13 feet)' saying it will make them grow," according to the Associated Press. Later on, thousands of children wished the pope a happy birthday in St. Peter's Square where he thanked everyone for joining him in marking his 81st year on earth.

For those who may not know, the pope is a pretty big pizza fan. In August 2016, he reportedly chose pizza over soup to feed homeless people with the help of one of his aides, Archbishop Konrad Krajewski. In the same year during February, the pope enjoyed pizza at a rehabilitation clinic in Rome and shared slices with the people present there. There's also that time in September of 2015 when the pope visited New York City, prompting pizza tributes for the religious figure from locals.

So, the pope marking eight decades and a year alive with a ginormous and scrumptious-looking pizza makes perfect sense. And Twitter loves him for it.

Pope Of The People

People loved him for his cheesy choice.


The pope probably didn't say "mmmm," but it wouldn't be a surprise if he did. Just look at that thing — it looks perfect.

Pizza Week

Maybe he's celebrating pizza week. Who knows?

Excellent Idea For Birthdays

Some said they would steal the pope's idea for pizza on his birthday — I am joining that crowd.

This Obviously Fake But Great Quote

Beer and pizza. Worthy causes.

"Love" For The Pope

For some folks who weren't Christian, the idea of any religious leader enjoying a slice on his birthday brought out love and appreciation. That's the power of pizza.

Favorite Pope For The People

For this Twitter user, enjoying pizza to mark his 81st made him the "official" best pope ever.

The Big PPP: Pope's Pizza Party

Welcome to the PPP: The Pope's Pizza Party.

A Compelling Reason To Be Catholic

Not a bad argument.

Pizza Emoji > Cake Emoji

Normally, birthdays bring out the cake emoji. For the pope's birthday, the pizza emoji reigned.

More Love For The Pope

Want more popularity? Eat pizza on your birthday.

For Some, It Was Weird

For a few, having pizza on your birthday was a peculiar choice.

Cool Points For Pope Francis

For most, however, pizza celebration won the pope cool points.

Get That Alliteration On

Others couldn't resist an attempt at alliteration — the practice of using the same first letter for closely strung-together words — for the pope's birthday.

Pizza, The Ultimate Sign of Good

Philosophers may have spent thousands of years on ascertaining what a sign of goodness is in the human world. But they forgot to include pizza. A grave error, if you ask me.

In a world where religious, political, and social differences often push people apart and lead to tense conflicts, it's clear there is one thing that can bring people together. And it's pizza, folks. That is, as long as we're not talking about pineapple as toppings — then things get ugly.