Porsha Claims Phaedra Is Responsible For 'RHOA's Drama

Annette Brown/Bravo

As is always the way, the second to last episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion cut out just before things got really juicy. But even though the last episode will finally spill all the tea, it looks like the audience finally knows what Kandi will mean when she shouts "The lies! The lies!" in the final installment. But when it was revealed that Phaedra allegedly told Porsha the rumors that got the whole season cooking in the first place. It's not totally clear exactly what Porsha claims Phaedra said or the content of that claim, but it is very clear that while Phaedra has largely escaped the blame for the drama-filled season, she's really quite responsible.

Honestly, as a longtime fan of RHOA, I was curious about why Porsha all of a sudden seemed to have all of these claims about Kandi's life and lifestyle. For example, where would she have gotten the idea that Kandi and Todd use the codename "Marvin" or have a sex dungeon, let alone the more serious claims she levied later in the season? A Phaedra connection just makes sense — even if, as Kandi, Todd, and Shamea have claimed, the rumors are all untrue.

But until the next and final episode airs, it won't be totally clear how much Phaedra told Porsha, but even from the one milisecond of Kandi's reaction to Porsha's revelation, it seems that it will be the source of at least some of the tears and fights that will fill the final episode of the season.

And, to take things one step further, this may be why there is an unconfirmed rumor that Phaedra was fired from RHOA for Season 10, according to Reality Tea. Their production source claims that when the rest of the women were mailed contracts for the next season, "She got caught in so many treacherous lies this season that even the producers [...] have had enough." Before the big cliffhanger, that rumor seemed unlikely, but now, it seems like it could be possible that Phaedra is going to face some repurcussions for her rumors.