Porsha Manages Her Anger On The 'RHOA' Reunion

by Kayla Hawkins
Annette Brown/Bravo

The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion will be four parts, so there should be plenty of tea spilled, but as always, Housewives reunions start slow, and this one was particularly slow. However, let's get it out of the way: there were no big trailer moments in this episode, all of those theatrics will have to wait for future episodes. Things started off quietly with a little montage of plastic surgery, certainly one of the weirder aspects of this season, but things eventually brought up a tiny bit of dirt: Porsha's anger management. Whether or not she really attends was questioned once again, and Phaedra admitted that she had not checked with Porsha before bringing it up at the big dimmer/camping planning session where the whole group got into a big argument.

And Kenya also admitted that she was trying to provoke Porsha into a bigger altercation, though she wasn't able to get any oversized antics out of the situation. So perhaps Porsha has attended anger management after all, because she seems surprisingly Zen about it all. And she even shared some advice with the other ladies... that was decidedly not appreciated. But it seems like she's equipped with enough therapy speak that she has been to at least a few sessions, even if, as Kandi suspects, the ones on camera were the majority.

Aside from that, I'm afraid there wasn't too much to report. There is still some tension between Porsha and Kandi, suggesting that they're still not square over the major differences between them over the whole suggestion that the two had, perhaps, hooked up with one another, leading to explosive fight after explosive fight during the season. Even Kandi herself, though, admitted that this first week was a little bit uneventful compared to reunions past.

And, of course, the trailers have already exposed that at some point, Kandi will get so upset over their problems that she will walk off the set in tears, bringing the whole reunion to a standstill. What do you want to bet that won't happen until at least part three of this four-part RHOA finale? Ah, well — let's hope Bravo dishes out some of the juicy stuff next week.