Practical People Are Obsessed With These 39 Random Products On Amazon


There are definitely those days when you just want to log on to Amazon and do some retail therapy that results in something totally useless —like, say, a hand boiler. (If you don't know what a hand boiler is, it's not for boiling hands — go look it up.) Racking up too many tchotchkes and not enough stuff you can actually use? I feel you. However, practical people are actually obsessed with some really clever products on Amazon: so next time I need to spend some money, I'll try to go for the items that the more pragmatic consumers are buying.

I know, I know, practicality seems boring — but these selections have plenty of fun to offer, too. There's the eyeliner that stamps out the perfect cat eye every time so you're red carpet-ready in just seconds. And you have the silicone body brush duo that's designed to provide an exfoliating treatment — even waaaaay down your back, thanks to the long handle on the scrubbing brush — and thanks to the paddle equipped with massage nodules, you'll get a circulation-boosting treatment that helps with lymphatic drainage, too. What's so fun about all of that? They're so brightly colored, you won't be able to suppress a smile every time you hop in the shower.

Good, and good for you. Now go press "Add to Cart" on that hand boiler, too.


This Versatile Vacuum Can Do So Many Different Jobs Around The House

Combining both maneuverability and powerful suction into a functional and easy-to-use design, this vacuum is the only solution you need to clean the all the floors in your house, from carpets to tile and hardwoods. It transforms from a stick vacuum to a handheld model that's great for getting into small spaces with its crevice tool. This vacuum even has a washable filtration system to help capture allergens and improve your air quality.


The Undated Planner That Can Boost Your Productivity And Your Happiness

With undated monthly, weekly, and daily sections, this planner offers a structure that has been proven to help users achieve productivity and organizational goals by promoting organization that works on a customizable basis. The planner comes with a quick start guide that walks you through best practices for getting the most out of its use — and 150 colorful stickers liven up each page and help you track important dates and goals.


The Stainless Steel Straw That Collapses So You Can Carry It With You On You Quest To Save The Earth

This set of stainless steel straws are dishwasher-safe, eco-friendly, and great for the environment. Use them to fancy up your next cocktail — they even come in a few colors.


The Lighted Compact That Recharges Via USB

Designed like a powder compact, this makeup mirror features two sides — one that provides normal magnification and one with three times the magnification, for more detailed work like tweezing. A ring of LED lights on one side provides illumination so you can see what you're doing; the compact contains a lithium battery, so you can also use it to charge your phone or other USB device.


A Fruit Prep Set Can Tackle Any Peeling, Coring Or Slicing Chore

The bright colors in this fruit prep set are right on a par with the hues you'll have in your fruit bowl ready to enjoy quickly and easily thanks to the tools it provides. The 10 tools in this 14-piece set include a masher, an apple corer/cutter, an avocado scoop, two citrus juicers, a grater, a peeler, and a set of fruit picks. Together, they make short work of putting together fresh meals.


A Unit That's Small Enough To Take Along, But Can Provide Power To All Your Devices

Offering an ultra-fast charge in all six of its outlets, this power port enables simultaneous charging for all your devices in one convenient location. This UL-certified device is suitable for use worldwide with its dual-voltage compatibility, so it's ideal for travel. Rated highly efficient by the Department of Energy, it also features onboard surge protection for your delicate devices.


The Brush With Retractable Bristles For Easy, Thorough Cleaning

With stainless steel suspension and nylon bristles, this brush has a unique retractable design that makes it quick and easy to clean. Just pinch together the mechanism on the back and the bristles sink into the base of the brush — leaving hair, dirt, and oils on the surface where they're easy to clean. A simple periodic cleaning helps keep your hair and scalp healthy, and this brush is also terrific for detangling.


These Multi-Bladed Scissors Make Fast Work Of Fresh Herbs

With five sets of stainless steel blades, these scissors can mow down a mound of basil, parsley, or chives — or all three, for that matter — with the greatest of ease. You'll be able to add herbs to your food anytime you have a taste for them without worrying about all that finicky prep time, and the ergonomically-designed handles mean it's comfortable to hold.


This Weird AF Toothbrush Incorporates Sonic Technology

Designed for travel, this battery-powered toothbrush features a head with a trio of angled bristle pads that clean every surface of your teeth while also providing a thorough, massaging clean for your gums. Getting rid of all the plaque and bacteria has never been so easy — the way these heads are configured means it's practically foolproof. The automatic timer will let you know when your sonic cleaning is complete.


A Scrubbing Loofah That Can Exfoliate Your Whole Back

Nearly 3 feet in length, this back scrubber features the ideal texture to give you an exfoliating treatment in all your hard-to-reach areas. One side of this bath accessory incorporates an easy-to-clean loofah that's great for every day use but also provides relief for conditions like eczema — and the reverse is crafted from plush cotton to polish and smooth. Firmly-attached rope handles give you plenty of scrubbing power.


A Genius Eyeliner So You'll Get The Perfect Cat's Eye Every Time

An invaluable tool for crafting the perfect cat eye whether you're headed out for a big night or looking for a va-va-voom daytime look, these eyeliner stamp pens will never fail you. One pen applies the perfect wing to the left eye, the other to the right eye, and both pens have a smudge-proof, long-lasting liner on the other end so you can finish the job.


The All-In-One Avocado Tool That Gets You To That Avo Toast Or Guac Faster And Easier

Get down to the business of enjoying that creamy avocado taste much faster and easier with this four-in-one tool that makes short work of everyone's favorite fruit. It features a safety blade that cuts through the skin of the avocado and enables you to slice it in half, a serrated center gripper pulls out the pit with ease, the blade slices or cubes the creamy flesh, and the ring handle scoops it all out. It's even top-rack dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.


A Silicone Body Brush Duo That Will Exfoliate And Massage Your Skin

Made from eco-friendly silicone that's 100 percent BPA-free, this shower brush duo is eco-friendly — so it's good and good for you. The long-handled scrubber brush gives you the reach you need to get down your back and into those tricky places, and the bristles provide an invigorating scrub. The massage paddle also features nodules that soothe your muscles while you brush. Use them together or separately, and since they're naturally antibacterial, you never have to worry about mold or mildew.


A Bedside Shelf That Features A Cup Holder And Room For Your Laptop Or Tablet

Perfect for kids' rooms, dorms, and for anyone who got the short end of the stick and was left without a nightstand, this bedside shelf is sturdy and spacious enough to hold a beverage and smartphone while also letting you view your favorite show or movie on your tablet or laptop. There's a convenient drink holder, and a space for your cords. This shelf installs easily, too.


A Cleaning Tool That Makes Bright, Shiny Windows So, So Easy

Keep those windows sparkling clean with this window squeegee that features a spray head on one side and a microfiber scrubber on the other to cut down the time you spend on each window — so you'll be done in a flash. The total length of the pole reaches 58 inches so that you can reach every corner of your windows, whether at home or the office, and this tool can be used indoors or outdoors.


These Unique Organizers Save Space In Your Shoe Section

Double the space in your shoe closet with these unique risers that enable you to pair your shoes together to keep them neat and tidy. Made from high-strength plastic to accommodate even the heaviest sneakers and boots, they're faced with non-slip surfacing so that your shoes stay put once you've placed them. Your shoes won't scratch each other or get tangled, and they're perfect for your hall closet as well as your bedroom closet.


These Super-Cute, Genius Wraps So You CanTravel With Your Jewelry Without It Tangling

Available in three super-cute designs, this jewelry roll has a space for each of your precious pieces that you'll enjoy wearing while traveling, and will ensure that you don't end up at your destination with all of it in a knotted mess. Great for gift-giving, too, and and happy reviewers rave that it's "well-made and very cute," as well as "practical for storing even long necklaces."


These Microfiber Slippers Tidy Up While You Shuffle Around The House On The Weekend

Crafted from microfiber chenille, these slippers feature a bottom made from microfiber loops that pick up dust, dirt, and hair while you walk around the house like normal. Get a few pairs, have a dance party, and your floors will never have looked better! Simply detach the microfiber loop soles to machine wash them and they'll be good as new.


The Organizer That Expands To Fit Just About Any Drawer Size

Crafted from eco-friendly, sustainably-harvested bamboo, this drawer organizer can be used in the kitchen, craft room, or in the office to get all those bits and pieces in their places. It's designed to accommodate all standard drawer sizes, and expands from 14 inches to nearly 19 inches in width to give you plenty of flexibility — not to mention space.


This Little Helper Opens Practically Everything

Ergonomically-designed for maximum ease of use — even for arthritis sufferers and others with hand strength deficiencies — this tool makes opening all kinds of tight bottles and cans a breeze. It's excellent on screw top and pop-top bottles, can pull open flip tops that can be tricky even without hand difficulties, peels a tightly-encased rubber lid off of a jar in a flash, and can even open tricky pull-top cans like soup or tuna. A jar opener for larger jobs comes along as a gift.


This Kitchen Wrap Organizer Keeps Your Pantry In Tip-Top Shape

Get your pantry or kitchen cabinets in order by bringing all your kitchen wraps and bags together in this stand that's both convenient and adjustable. Made from durable plastic, it features coated steel wires that are adjustable to accommodate supplies of different sizes. Move it to your work surface when you're making lunches for the next day — it assembles easily and there's no mounting or installation required.


A Tool That Harnesses The Power Of Light To Defeat Those Unwanted Breakouts

Combining clinically-proven blue and red UV light therapies, this device delivers a powerful spot treatment to speed the reduction of breakouts without causing further irritation or drying the skin. Simulating a treatment you might receive in the dermatologist's office, this device's blue light goes in for the kill on acne-causing bacteria, while the red light works to ensure that further irritation does not arise.


Here's The Only Vegetable Peeler You'll Ever Need

It's all you need to prepare a potato or any number of other vegetables: This device has a curved, nylon-bristled scrubbing brush, so you can make sure your veggies are nice and clean; flip it over, and there's the peeler, so you can make short work of that chore; and at the end of the handle, there's a sharp tip to remove eyes or other deficiencies. It's designed to work for both left- and right-handed cooks, and it's dishwasher-safe, too.


These Flower Pots Help Your Plants Water Themselves

The stylish two-piece design of these planters helps to ensure that the plants you put in them only drink up as much water as they need, and no more. The system works using the ropes that extend from the smaller container where the pot is planted down into the larger container, the water reservoir. The principle of osmosis makes these plants water themselves, whether they're inside or outside. You can even leave for a couple of days for work or play without worrying about your plants.


This Wristband Will Keep All Those Small Metal Pieces Close At Hand

Perfect for anyone with a job on a construction site, working on DIY projects at home, crafters, sewers, people who enjoy working on their cars, and lots more, this magnetic wristband is a tremendous asset when you're working with small metal parts. Lightweight and with a Velcro closure that makes it adjustable to fit just about any wrist, it's made from durable ballistic nylon and incorporates 15 magnets surrounding the entire wrist.


An Organizer To Tame That Under-The-Counter Clutter

Strong enough to hold a cast iron pan in each of its five shelves, this organizer can be used either vertically or horizontally to keep cookware organized and your under-cabinet space neatly arranged. It can be used freestanding, or can be quickly and easily installed into your cabinets with the provided hardware. Its attractive bronze finish will be at home in any décor.


The Keychain That Organizes Up To 10 Keys Into A Pocket-Size Leather Fob

Stop carrying around that unruly wad of keys — get this keychain instead. It features an organizer to tightly hold the keys together, helpfully protecting your smartphone and other delicate accessories from scratching. A locking mechanism keeps your keys in place and orderly — simply swing out the one you're ready to use as necessary. The top-grain, vegetable-tanned Italian leather is beautiful, too.


A Makeup Cloth That Removes Makeup, Oils, And Dirt With Just Water

Crafted from soft microfiber in a round shape that permits quick, even coverage of your entire face, these cloths are the ideal eco-friendly replacement for the single-use makeup remover cloths we've all fallen in love with. Why are they so great? They remove colors, dirt, and oil with just water — or add just a drop of your favorite cleanser and they're cleaning machines. Washable and ultra-durable, you'll love how they feel on your face.


A Lid That Prevents Messy Sauces And Splatters

Made from durable, food-safe, BPA-free plastic, this lid can save you hours of cleaning your microwave. You know how some foods like spaghetti and anything buttery and greasy splash and splatter all over the place? Simply put this cover over your plate, and the four built-in vents will ensure that steam can escape but will prevent stains from reaching your microwave. Four polymer-covered magnets mean that the lid can be stored right inside the microwave — adhered to the top — so that it's ready for the next time you want to put it into use.


This Hands-Free Phone Holder Lets You Watch Your Smartphone Or Device And Relax

The U-shaped gooseneck in this device is designed to be worn around the neck, with a mount that supports smartphones up to 7 inches in size for hands-free viewing while you just relax. Its 360-degree rotation option makes it great for vlogging on the go, too, so you can give viewers at home a look at your trip to the big city or the beach. The rugged, long-lasting design will provide years of use, and the padded, anti-skid, shock-proof neck allows you to enjoy it in comfort.


This Genius Gadget Gives You A Shelf Right Where You Need One

Suitable for mounting on any standard vertical duplex outlet, this outlet shelf gives you a little extra ledge right where you need it. Easy to install, the shelf holds up to 7 pounds, so it's perfect for charging your smartphone, holding a diffuser, or holding your home assistant where it will be out of the way. They're super useful in all rooms of the house, especially the bathroom, where countertop space is at a premium.


The Phone Grip That Secures And Protects Your Cards And Cash, Too

Stick on this convenient pouch and you'll be all ready to go: It accommodates up to five cards or a small amount of cash, safe and protected with the fold-down flap. On the back of the pouch, there's a convenient carry strap that enables one-handed use of your smartphone. In fact, this strap can be reconfigured to serve as a stand for hands-free viewing of your phone in just seconds.


A Heavy-Duty Hanger That Can Revolutionize Your Closet

Made from thick, solid plastic, these hangers are designed to hold seven garments on each hanger, and then one end can be dropped down so that all those items lay flat against one another, saving a remarkable amount of space. So durable they can accommodate even your heavy winter coat, they're also terrific for keeping your clothes organized and wrinkle-free to save time when you're getting ready for work in the morning.


The Pill Container That Will Keep You Straightened Out Day By Day

Whether you're on a regimen of vitamins and supplements to go with your gym routine or take several prescription medications to keep the doctor away — or a little of both — you need this pill organizer that squares away your portions on a per-day basis as well as what you need to take in the morning and in the evening. The rainbow-hued pods are designed to be kept in their clear "docking station," but you can easily remove a pod to take with you so you can keep up with your meds on-the-go.


The Water Bottle Flask That's So Hip, It Says It Right There On The Side

Crafted from BPA- and BPS-free Tritan, this water bottle features an upmarket slim shape that's perfect for slipping into your handbag or tote bag — and it's covered with a stylish silicone sleeve that's available in six colors. The coordinating silicone carrying loop lets you keep ahold of it easily, but also permits you to attach it to your bag, belt, or backpack. This flask cleans up easily with a simple trip through the dishwasher.


The Yoga Pants With Lots Of Pockets

Yoga pants are all the vogue today, but this style has an unmistakeable difference: Pockets. The first pockets you'll notice immediately are those on the thighs, which you can use for your cell phone or just for your hands as you go about your business. They also feature a secret pocket in the waistband for your valuables, like your keys, cards, and cash, enabling you to work out without worrying about keeping track of all the stuff you're going to need for the juice bar.


The Ultimate Closet Organizer

Crafter from a durable poly-cotton blend and canvas, this hanging closet organizer features six nooks altogether: Three empty cubbies for storage of sweaters and shirts, two drawers, and one underwear drawer that features partitions to contain rolled-up panties, briefs, or socks. Easy to attach to your closet rail with a Velcro loop system, it adds a unique organizational capacity to your closet without investing in pricey built-ins.


This Monitor Stand Has Extras: Like Space For All Your Stuff

With 10 different compartments to store your computer and desk accessories, not only does this stand elevate your monitor to a more ergonomically-appropriate height, but it also helps keep accessories close at hand while ensuring that your desk is orderly. Available in putty, black, and mesh, it features optional legs that enable you to add space for a keyboard underneath the shelves.


This Light Will Keep You Company At Night When You're Moving Around In The Dark

Easy to install and dimmable, this LED strip light is the perfect addition for under the bed: It senses motion within 13 feet and will stay on for between 30 seconds and six minutes after everything is still — you can customize the time to meet your needs. Works great in the baby's room or on the stairs, or use in cabinets to illuminate the situation when you're getting things in and out.

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