If You Looked Up Clever In The Dictionary, It’d Be Pictures Of These 38 Best-Selling Products On Amazon


We all have tasks we hate doing because they're just boring. I despise folding and putting away the laundry because there's never enough room in my drawers and there are never enough hangers in my closet for all my clothes. Clearly, I should probably stop buying clothes, but that's a story for another day. In the meantime, there's a wide array of insanely clever products that are best-sellers on Amazon to help us address these everyday aggravations.

The best-selling products on Amazon all help solve those little problems, like leftover sticker glue on your new sunglasses, or a closet packed to the brim. Unless you're Martha Stewart, you probably have your own albatross of a hated chore to wrestle with, whether it's some little task you struggle with when you're in the kitchen, working out, or maybe when you hit the road — and this is the list for you.

While you shop, don't give yourself a hard time about having those foibles in the first place, because you're not alone. The very reason clever products like the hanger that holds six shirts in the space of one even exists is because there are thousands of people out there like me who go through life thinking the perfect white T-shirt must exist somewhere. Followed shortly thereafter by the perfect black T-shirt. Followed by the perfect navy blue one. If you get it, you get it.

1. A Tool That Breaks Up Hamburger Quickly And Easily

If you love tacos, spaghetti, or any other dish using ground beef, this tool is an excellent addition to your kitchen arsenal. Crafted from high-quality heat-resistant nylon that's safe to use up to 400 degrees, it features a five-blade design that's perfect for chopping and stirring ground meats to ensure even cooking. It's safe on non-stick surfaces, and cleans up easily on the top shelf of your dishwasher.

2. A Soap Will Help Save You From Annoying Mosquitos

I couldn't count the mosquito bites on my arms and legs if I tried, but I despise using harsh chemical remedies to repel the nasty bugs. This soap is a natural alternative to potentially harmful sprays that helps fight fleas and ticks. Formulated with citronella and geranium, it garners rave reviews within the Amazon community, where customers swear this bar of soap has repelled bugs for both the humans and fur friends in their life.

One fan says, "Great mosquito repellent soap for humans and animals!It's clean, fresh citronella smell lessons as you rinse it away, so it's not overpowering. I really felt that it adds an extra layer of protection when any of us go outside to mow the lawn or do yard work after taking a shower using the soap. I bought multiple bars - enough for both the human and dogs in our household & I plan to keep on using it for the whole family."

3. These Dividers Can Help You Whip Just About Any Space Into Shape

Trying to get organized but don't exactly have your strategy planned out to a T? These dividers will make a great start. At 4 inches in height, they fit most drawers, but are robust enough in size to be used in bookcases as well. Plus, their unique push-button expansion mechanism allows them to extend from 11 to 17 inches easily, to help fit a wide variety of spaces in your home. They're also fitted with high-density EVA foam at each end to provide an improved tension grip on the space in without damage.

4. A Stamp That Gives You A Perfect Cat Eye Every Time

Get a consistent, perfect cat eye look time after time with this eyeliner stamp that works in just seconds. Smudge-proof and water-resistant, each box comes with two double-sided pens in two different widths. In addition to the stamp on one end, each one has an eyeliner pencil on the other end, so you can complete the look with one product.

5. This Classic Adhesive Remover Can Get Rid Of Pesky Sticker Glue

No matter what you're trying to remove, this remarkable liquid has your back. Need to get a gummy price tag off something? Goo Gone will get it. How about extra glue goo or tape? Mmm-hmm. Icky gum? Yep — and scads of other stuff, too. Basically, much as it says on the label, anything sticky or gooey is no match for this solvent, which also smells refreshingly of citrus. Nearly 2,000 Amazon fans rave: "THIS STUFF IS AMAZING!! I save glass jars from spaghetti sauce and pickles and I peel the labels off and they are extremely hard to get off with all of the sticky residue left behind this Goo Gone is absolutely amazing and get all of the nasty leftover stuff that dish soap does not wash off!"

6. This Fruit Box Keeps Your Berries Fresher Longer

Why spend your hard-earned money on pricey fresh fruit only to have it spoil in record time when you can ensure its prolonged freshness with this innovative berry box? This multipurpose vessel enables you to wash, store, and serve your small fruits all in the same container and have a healthy snack always ready and waiting. Dishwasher safe and BPA free, it features a large 1-quart capacity so you’ll always have fresh fruit on hand. One fan on Amazon says, "The best way I've found to rinse and keep any berry fresh longer. I gently put all berries into a bowl of water with a little vinegar for few minutes as soon as I can to remove mold spores, dirt, etc. I now use this basket for rinsing & air dry, then into this container w/lid straight to fridge. Amazing how much longer berries stay fresh."

7. A Multi-Level Hanger That Expands The Capacity Of Your Closet

How smart is this hanger that multiplies your closet space sixfold? With a chrome design that won’t crease your shirts, it also features rubber grips to ensure that your garments won’t slip around or off onto the floor. Perfect for any small space, including dorm rooms, studio apartments, or in your spare bedroom, this hanger is a stylish and shrewd addition to any closet.

8. A Caddy That Keeps All Your Stuff Handy When You're Relaxing In Bed

Crafted from sturdy Oxford cloth, this caddy keeps your belongings organized and easily at hand while you’re relaxing in bed or on the sofa — it works on a mattress or bedsprings, under your couch cushions, and even table side, too. Enabling you to tidy up your surfaces and find what you’re looking for without trouble, it features one large fabric pocket and three mesh pockets.

9. These Towels Clean Virtually Any Surface With Only Water

Crafted from a proprietary microfiber, these unique towels replace expensive paper towels and harmful cleaning chemicals because they enable you to clean with only water. Suitable for all surfaces, they’re thick and well-constructed, and will hold up for hundreds of cleanings over many years. Add them to your routine and use 80% fewer paper towels — making a huge difference on your wallet, your health, and our environment. With nearly 3,000 Amazon reviews and a 4.8-star rating, these towels are truly a best-seller.

10. These Magnetic Falsies For Anyone Who Loves Long Lashes But Hates Messy Glue

Rather than using glue or messy adhesives, these reusable eyelash extensions securely attach to the base of your lashes with a magnet. According to hundreds of reviewers, the results are effortless, secure, and natural-looking lashes. This handy kit includes an easy-to-use applicator and eight lashes that are reusable after cleaning. Made with soft synthetic fibers, these lashes are so lightweight you won’t even notice they’re there.

11. These Patches Will Knock Out Your Pimples

Acne is a problem for tons of people of all ages, and these thin hydrocolloid patches speed up the healing process, reduce redness and inflammation, and add a protective barrier to delicate areas. A cult-favorite from K-beauty brand COSRX, you'll find they decrease both the size and redness of spots within just a few hours of application. They're thin and unobtrusive enough to wear under makeup, too.

One reviewer raves, "These little dots of magic work some kind of voodoo to remove those big, erupting volcano pimples, or tiny little extremely painful ones, and the dreaded blind pimple that looks likes a skittle was shoved under the skin. These little tabs are clear and painless. They come in different sizes and are barely noticeable when worn. They also stay in place really well. I’ve even left one on during a shower and it didn’t budge. The best results happen overnight. You put one on overnight and by morning the blemish is smaller, less red, and less painful."

12. These Heat-Resistant Gloves Are Incredibly Versatile For Any Home Cook

I absolutely adore cooking, and I can tell you from personal experience, these gloves are a must. While regular pot holders and oven mitts wear out or are insufficient when you're holding a particularly hot pan, these gloves — with their insulated flame-proof fabric and heat-resistant silicone coating — stand up to even the hottest substances. The brilliance of it all: You can actually use your hands when you're performing tasks like basting and flipping meats and baked goods. Plus, they're machine-washable for easy cleaning.

13. A Fun Fitness Accessory That's A Great Addition To Any Routine

If you've never tried one of these balance boards before, give it a whirl: They're really fun, and it turns out this can be an effective little exercise tool, too. Use it on any hard surface to do squats or simply perch on it while at your standing desk or while cooking — it adds complexity to any exercise while engaging your core and improving your posture at the same time. Also a great physiotherapy tool, it's perfect for those trying to regain balance and strength after a fall or accident, for recovering from and preventing injuries, and for assuaging back pain.

14. These Silicone Scrubbing Pads That Are SO Much More That Just Sponges

These reusable silicone scrubbers have tough bristles on one side and a strong grip on the other which means you can use them for a variety of household needs. Although they are primarily used to remove stubborn stains on dishes, they can also be used as a hot pad, a gripper for opening stuck jars, or as mini hot plates. Plus, unlike traditional sponges, they’re easy to clean (hello, dishwasher-safe) and antibacterial, so they’ll never smell.

15. This Hat Combines Three Essential Factors For Migraine Relief

Combining darkness, pressure, and cold, this hat is a favorite tool of migraine sufferers everywhere when in the midst of an acute episode. The cold comes from 24 reusable, individually-wrapped ice cubes that you can insert into the band and move easily to provide an instant cooling sensation and target all the pain points on your head, while the band itself adjusts to provide light compression where it hurts the most via a Velcro closure. One fan effuses, "If you know a migraine sufferer, this is a must have for them. Personally, I think hospitals should keep them on hand for migraine patients who have to be admitted.I'm not fanatical about very many things in life, but I am over the moon about this. I promise you, you will fall in love with it too."

16. A Toiletry Holder Keeps Your Stuff Handy And Hygienic

If you're looking for a clean and easy way to keep your toothbrush and other sink-side toiletries handy, this caddy is a great bet. Crafted from high-durability silicone, it's germ-resistant and has a built-in custom drainage system that allows water to easily escape from its compartments. It features a section for your toothbrush and toothpaste, a hook for your razor, and a small shelf designed to hold your jewelry while you're busy getting cleaned up, plus it affixes easily to any surface via strong suction cups on the reverse.

17. A Spray To Cut Your Blow Dry Time In Half

The thermal protectant used by the pros, this spray will protect your hair at temperatures of more than 420 degrees Fahrenheit, all while taming frizz, detangling, and blocking out humidity. Ideal for medium to coarse hair, its lightweight formula cuts your blow drying time by 50%, providing healthy, long-lasting results — and preventing damage and breakage. It can be used in combination with other styling products without wearing hair down, too. Nearly 2,000 Amazon reviewers say this product is life-changing.

18. A Multi-Purpose Spray That Releases Wrinkles, Removes Odors, And Keeps Clothes Looking Fresh

Downy's Wrinkle Release Spray uses fiber relaxers to smooth out wrinkles and remove static and odors. This means that with just a few quick spritzes, your clothes can look (and smell) freshly laundered, making it a quick and efficient way to care for clothes on the go. Plus, since this pack comes with two spray bottles, you can keep one at home and bring the other with you for quick touch-ups. According to one Amazon reviewer, "This really worked well on table clothes I purchased with stubborn creases. I sprayed and tossed it in the dryer on high heat for 15 minutes and the wrinkles were gone."

19. These Hanging Shelves Will Help You Get Your Closet Under Control

Make yourself a linen closet out of thin air, plan out your outfit for tomorrow, or stack up your sweaters or shirts in the colors of the rainbow with this set of hanging shelves. Designed to fit on a standard hanging rod, it features five fabric shelves as well as six mesh pockets — three on each side. It's sturdy enough to hold shoes and handbags, too.

20. A Shampoo That Strengthens And Enriches Your Hair From The Scalp Up

Thinning hair, broken strands, and dandruff are common problems, and this shampoo can help. Formulated with biotin, provitamin B5, and 11 of nature’s finest herbs and oils including rosemary, green tea, and mulberry root extracts — as well as argan oil — this blend heals your hair through cleaning and balancing the scalp. One reviewer writes: "My friends can not believe how much fuller my hair is! It is truly amazing! I would highly recommend this shampoo for thinning hair!"

21. A Steamer Gives You A Fresh-Pressed Look In A Flash

Make sure your look is always on point with this handheld steamer, powerful enough to freshen up even a heavy wool suit, yet small and portable enough to tuck into your suitcase when you're on the road. Capable of generating steam within 15 seconds and for more than 15 minutes at a time, this small-but-mighty wonder features a stainless steel faceplate, detachable cleaning brush, and a unique rotating non-binding power cord so you'll never have to worry about it kinking up.

22. This Organizer Is Heavy-Duty Enough To Hold Even Your Cast-Iron Skillets

If your kitchen cabinets are an unmitigated mess, this pot and pan organizer is a step in the right direction. Specifically designed for the storage of heavy cookware, these innovative patented shelves are height-adjustable, allowing them to be totally configurable for flexible storage. They're crafted from durable stainless steel — so they're rust-proof and easy to clean — and assemble easily to store on your countertop or in a cabinet.

23. A Mini-Sized Diffuser To Make Your Whole Car Smell Better

This bamboo charcoal pillow quickly and easily absorbs any odors in your car. You can easily hook it over the back of your seat, so it's out of the way. With a warranty of up to a year, hang this car air freshener and wait as you start to breathe in fresher, odor-free air. One Amazon reviewer raves, "This thing works! I bought a used truck with a really strong cigarette smoke odor inside. Every time I opened the door of the truck I got a strong whiff of cigarette! It got to the point I would cringe each time! I put on this PURGGO Car Air Freshener and within 48 hours the smell was completely gone! There is no longer ANY odor inside my truck"

24. These Reusable Skin-Cleansing & Makeup-Removing Cloths That’ll Make You Want To Swear Off Makeup-Remover Wipes For Good

Unlike your standard makeup removing wipes, these reusable microfiber cloths cleanse the skin of dirt, oil, and makeup without using harsh chemicals. All you have to do is add water and wipe them on your skin, leaving your face feeling clean and soft. Gentle enough for use on all skin types, they’re also machine-washable, saving you money on makeup wipes in the long run. Here, you’ll get three all-natural cleansing towels plus a bonus waterproof cosmetic bag.

25. These Lights Are Great For Wherever You Need A Extra Illumination

Light up that dark space in your home, whether it's your countertop workspace or the hallway you'd like to navigate at night without tripping, with these motion sensor lights. With passive infrared technology, they'll detect your motion within 10 feet and switch on automatically, then turn off after 12 to 15 seconds of inactivity. 10 LED lights provide plenty of illumination and operate for a long time on one set of four AAA batteries that you provide. These lights also install easily — no tools required.

26. This Spray Is The Absolute Best When You're Sore

For aches and pains that won't let you sleep, concentrate, or work out, there's this spray that's used by physical and massage therapists. Use it to promote more comfortable movement before exercise or therapy, or afterward to soothe sore muscles and joints to minimize next-day aches and pain. It's also great for everyday pain: It combines four percent menthol with a proprietary USP-grade blend of herbal ingredients. It's paraben- and gluten-free, and not tested on animals, either.

27. A Notebook That's Reusable And PDFs Your Notes

If there's such a thing as your notebook being smarter than you are, this notebook could be it. This 36-page notebook can be erased and reused endlessly. Plus, with the accompanying Rocketbook app, you can simply scan any page in your notebook and it's turned into a PDF instantly for convenient storage in your smartphone or tablet. In an instant, you're uber-efficient and saving the planet!

Nearly 5,000 Amazon reviewers sing its praises: "This product amazed me and exceeded my expectations. It works exceptionally and as described. The Rocketbook app is so simple and easy to use. The scanning is perfect, it captures the colors, exposes the page with the right lighting, and crops and adjusts the page properly. Each scan takes less than a second, and you can combine multiple pages into one scan and upload them as one document."

28. These Game-Changing Pads That Protect & Relieve Foot Pain

These foot pads may be the clever remedy Amazon has to offer you for foot pain, since their soft, thick support helps alleviate pain in the balls of your feet and improve weight distribution. Machine-washable, they're versatile and suitable for use inside socks, tennis shoes, boots, and all kinds of daily footwear. They also help to relieve bothersome conditions like corns and calluses, as well as everyday soreness from standing and working on your feet all day.

29. This Tool Provides Three-In-One Hair Styling Functionality

Whether you like your hair straightened, curled, or just plain de-tangled, this three-in-one brush can do it all. It's good to your hair, too, featuring a barrel coated with ceramic tourmaline much like the ones your stylist uses. It's designed to release millions of negative ions while delivering even heat, which helps to reduce frizz and enhance shine. It heats up in just 30 seconds, but thanks to the anti-scald bristles and larger cool tip, you won't get burned while you're styling your hair.

30. These Socks Moisturize Your Heels While Letting Your Toes Roam Free

Dry, cracked heels can be a thing of the past with these socks that give you a spa treatment while you sleep — or just go about your business, for that matter. Made with breathable cotton for superior comfort, they'll give you a moisturizing treatment on their own, or you can boost their power by adding your favorite lotion or cream underneath. You'll also enjoy light, comfortable compression while you're wearing them, while your toes are free to wiggle around easily.

31. This Handy Multitool That Can Perform So Many Functions

With so many different uses, this handy tool should be a part of your arsenal not only at home, but also in your car and on the road. Under a foot in length, it's not only a steel hammer with heft for driving in small nails and tacks, but it's also a soft-faced mallet for tapping without marring or breaking. But that's not all: It also encompasses a reversible ratcheting bit driver with a flexible driver shaft, plus a removable utility knife.

32. These Toothbrushes Use Charcoal To Polish Your Pearly Whites

It seems counterintuitive that you'd use charcoal to get your teeth whiter, but that's exactly what these toothbrushes are designed to do. The tapered polyester bristles are infused with activated charcoal, the health and beauty industry's of-the-moment ingredient, that's also designed to remove plaque and bacteria. The design of this brush is unique, too: The soft bristles deliver a gentle gum massage, and its compact head and slim design will help you reach your back teeth. It's capped by an ergonomically-designed handle that provides comfort and ease while brushing.

33. This Travel Accessory Lets You Rock Road Trips Like A Reptile

With a design that's been scientifically proven to keep your head in an ergonomic position during rest, this travel neck pillow draws on nature's own traveling wonder — the turtle — for inspiration. The unique patented design combines strong internal support ribs with a super soft, hypoallergenic polyester fleece wrap. It fits snugly between your face and shoulder to cradle your head in a comfortable neutral position so you can relax.

34. This Is The Little Fryer That Could...Without Any Oil

Using air instead of oil, this fryer makes food light and crispy without oil and without sacrificing the flavor. It's versatile, and fast, too — cook up appetizers, desserts, a dozen chicken wings, a pound of French fries, even baked goods — all within minutes of setting the timer. The perfect appliance for any small space or even for a dorm or RV, this fryer is also energy-efficient, cranking out all your food in less time than it takes to preheat your oven.

35. These Spiky Plastic Balls Help Dry Your Laundry Faster

Crafted from PVC and covered with spikes like little round blue hedgehogs, these balls will help your laundry get dry up to 40% faster, saving you both time and money. They're eco-friendly and hypoallergenic, and suitable for use with all fabrics, separating your items to make them fluffier, softer, and wrinkle-free while eliminating static. You'll get more than 1,000 uses out of each of these balls while you skip out on the fabric softener and dryer sheets, too.

36. These Strips Will Get Your Spices In Order And Out Of The Way

If your spices are a disorganized jumble in your cabinet, these spice gripper strips might be just the thing you need to make order out of chaos. Affix them to your cabinet or your wall using the extra-strong pre-applied 3M adhesive — and if you want it to be extra-strong, use the included screws to provide additional security. Each strip has room for five spices, which can be tailored to your space.

37. The Eye Masks To Make Your Eyes Go Bling

From the very first application of these eye masks, you’ll notice increased hydration, less puffing, more tone, and a smoother surface to give you a new kind of long-lasting confidence. Crafted with a blend of soothing 24-karat gold plus plumping collagen, hydrating hyaluronic acid, refreshing vitamin C serum, and other key ingredients, these sheets are free from parabens and alcohol — and take just seconds to apply. They feel great while you're relaxing, and you can store them in your fridge for an added dose of renewal after a long day staring at the computer.

38. A Board That Will Change The Way You Fold Your Laundry

Durable and sturdy, this folding board takes only three steps and three seconds to crisply fold anything in your laundry basket, and it's so simple that even your kids can help fold. It even has a handy hole for hanging, too. It's no wonder this board has won over more than 2,000 Amazon fans and earned a 4.6-star rating.

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