Practical People Are Obsessed With These 40 Random Products On Amazon

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There are definitely those days when you just want to log on to Amazon and do some retail therapy that results in something totally useless —like, say, a hand boiler. (If you don't know what a hand boiler is, it's not for boiling hands — go look it up.) Racking up too many tchotchkes and not enough stuff you can actually use? I feel you. However, practical people are actually obsessed with some really clever products on Amazon: so next time I need to spend some money, I'll try to go for the items that the more pragmatic consumers are buying.

I know, I know, practicality seems boring — but these selections have plenty of fun to offer, too. There's the eyeliner that stamps out the perfect cat eye every time so you're red carpet-ready in just seconds. And you have the silicone body brush duo that's designed to provide an exfoliating treatment — even waaaaay down your back, thanks to the long handle on the scrubbing brush — and thanks to the paddle equipped with massage nodules, you'll get a circulation-boosting treatment that helps with lymphatic drainage, too. What's so fun about all of that? They're so brightly colored, you won't be able to suppress a smile every time you hop in the shower.

Good, and good for you. Now go press "Add to Cart" on that hand boiler, too.

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