This Heat-Activated Hair Color Changes With The Temperature


Kylie Jenner recently declared that she is giving up wild and crazy hair colors. But she may want to reconsider that decision once she sees this. Pravana Vivids Mood Hair Color is heat-activated it changes colors with temperature.

If you wish you could change your locks like a mood ring, this product appears to indulge your free-spirited follicular fantasies. It can change several times per day, depending on how often you expose it to the elements.

Your strand shade will get lighter when you use a heat-styling tool, such as a flatiron, or when you step outside in the blazing hot sun. If you return to a cooler climate, your color will go back to its darker base, according to Allure.

This is some serious hair color alchemy. So how does Pravana's heat-changing hair color work?

Well, according to Allure, it's not actually a dye. It's a temporary color that lays over top of your hair. I mean, that sounds safer and healthier than using harsh chemicals or colorants to drastically change one's hair. It's also easier than getting a wig to stay put. The brand also confirmed that this product is best-suited for lighter hair.

Courtesy of Pravana

Pravana product development manager Lissette Cruz told Allure that even a gust of wind can cause the hair color to cool and change. She also affirmed that this product is risk-proof, since it doesn't damage your natural locks. There is no need for pre-lightening or additional processing.

Pravana is touting the Vivids Mood Hair Color as the first of its kind. It drops at salons on Sept. 1, per the countdown ticker currently active on the Pravana website.

This video from Boldly shows just how wild this innovation is. Get ready to have your mind blown.

Here's what to expect: Violet changes to pink with heat, and lime green becomes yellow. Peach and gray are invisible in the sun, meaning your hair look au naturale.

Basically, your coif color can change countless times in a day. That's even more times than Kylie.