President Obama Plans To Write Another Book


In an interview with CNN's David Axelrod, President Barack Obama revealed his plans to write a book after leaving office. The 44th president is already the author of several bestsellers, including Dreams from My Father and The Audacity of Hope. In writing a post-presidency memoir, Obama would join many former presidents who have done the same, including Ulysses S. Grant, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush.

President Obama's post-presidency memoir will undoubtedly spark a bidding war and fetch big figures from U.S. publishers. The Wall Street Journal estimates Obama could match the $15 million that Clinton's 2004 autobiography, My Life, earned, and one literary agent told The New York Times that the POTUS could earn as much as $30 million for a multi-book deal. The same agent said that "Michelle Obama has the opportunity to sell the most valuable first lady memoir in history."

With that being said, Fortune reports that President Obama still "has one nonfiction book left on a contract with Crown Publishing Group," but that he is not obligated to write it as soon as he leaves office.

Of course, writing his next book isn't the first item on President Obama's post-presidency to-do list. The POTUS told Axelrod that, come Jan. 21, he planned "to sleep [and] take [his] wife on a nice vacation." Clearly, he's a keeper.