'Pretty Little Liars' Star Janel Parrish Said "I Do" In The Most Gorgeous Locale

by Emily Mae Czachor
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Who else feels like they've been waiting for Janel Parrish and Chris Long to tie the knot for forever? Well, after just about two years of dating, Janel Parrish married longtime boyfriend Chris Long in Hawaii over the weekend. Fans of one or both halves of the couple might've seen Parrish's increasingly mushy posts on the subject of Long and their upcoming nuptials crop up on Instagram in recent weeks. (The bride's followers probably know her best from the Pretty Little Liars franchise.)

But even their two-year anniversary video couldn't have prepared fans for the sweetness that accompanied Parrish and Long's gorgeous weekend wedding, which took place Saturday night, Sept. 8, on the island Parrish calls home.

A quick disclaimer: There aren't too many photos from the actual wedding ceremony floating around the web just yet. But Parrish did post a photo to Instagram from the couple's rehearsal dinner the day before, and its lush backdrop — not to mention the totally love-struck vibes coming from the likes of both Parrish and Long — should be more than enough to have fans counting the minutes until those snapshots from the ceremony eventually grace the internet.

So, how is the newly-married couple faring in the aftermath of such an extraordinarily beautiful weekend? According to Us Weekly, Parrish told the publication in a recent statement that she and Long are reveling in this special moment. "We feel so lucky we found each other in this crazy world," Parrish's statement reportedly read.

But it sounds like it was the presence of loved ones during the couple's weekend nuptials that made her special day particularly special. To that end, the actor's statement continued on to talk about exactly why her wedding day felt so magical:

"Marrying my dream man in my home of Hawaii surrounded by family and friends was a dream."

Suffice it to say, a quick skim through Us Weekly's new report about the Parrish-Long wedding pretty much only serves to make the whole thing sound even dreamier. Why's that? First of all, in addition to Parrish's relatives on the guest list, it sounds like the ceremony itself was a full-fledged family affair. (Long's brother officiated the wedding and Parrish's sister was the maid of honor.)

And — as if that sweet little tidbit wasn't already enough to make your heart do some flip-flops — in making their way over to their respective siblings at the altar, Parrish and Long walked down the aisle to a tune written by the bride specifically for her new hubby on their wedding day. Be honest: Who's crying?

Swoon-worthy ceremonial proceedings aside, the wedding's exceedingly picturesque location could probably bring most anyone with an appreciation for landscape to full-blown tears. Need evidence? Head on over to Twitter, where Pretty Little Liars series creator I. Marlene King posted some photos from the Parrish-Long wedding alongside a sweet message shared to the social media platform.

"Congratulations to @JanelParrish and Chris," wrote the Pretty Little Liars writer and showrunner, who's set to reprise those same responsibilities when its sequel series, The Perfectionists, debuts in 2019. Though King's tweet features a collection of images that seem to have been plucked straight out of Hawaiian paradise (because, ahem, they were), it unfortunately doesn't include any snapshots of the lovebirds themselves.

That said, King quickly alerted fans in her tweet that there are solo snapshots of "the happy couple" on their big day somewhere in existence, and, apparently, they're coming soon. So, in the meantime, King offered fans a glimpse into the weekend celebration's truly awe-inspiring ambience to tide them over. "For now, here's a few snaps of an amazing day. Grateful to be included," wrote King.

After checking out King's tweet and its extraordinary photos, it seems pretty safe to say fans are probably pretty grateful to be included in the Parrish-Long wedding festivities, too. Even if only in an exclusively virtual way. Now, who's counting the days 'til those "happy couple" shots come through?