'The Perfectionists' Cast Might Be The Answer To The 'Pretty Little Liars'-Shaped Hole In Your Heart


If you're still missing Rosewood, then it's time to get hyped for a visit to Beacon Heights. As reported by TV Line, Freeform has announced the cast for PLL: The Perfectionists. Filming for the Pretty Little Liars spin-off pilot is underway, and the latest group of teens with a secret has been set — along with a few other castmembers. The Walking Dead's Sydney Park, newcomer Eli Brown, Gossip Girl's Kelly Rutherford, and General Hospital's Hayley Erin are all joining the previously announced Sofia Carson, and Pretty Little Liars alums Sasha Pieterse and Janel Parrish for the pilot.

PLL: The Perfectionists is based on Pretty Little Liars author Sara Shepard's other hit book series, and thanks to the presence of Pieterse and Parrish, the show is set to be directly connected to the mysteries of Rosewood. The exact nature of that connection remains to be seen, but it's safe to say it will involve murder, mystery, and some high society mayhem. At the center of the series are three perfectionists — Carson's Ava, Park's Caitlin, and Brown's Dylan — all of whom want to be the best at everything they do. According to Freeform's press release, "The stress of needing to be perfect leads to the town’s first murder" — which sounds like this trio might just have their own "A" type mystery that they will have to attempt to bury.

While nothing will ever be able to replace Pretty Little Liars in your heart, if anything is going to come close to giving you the same kind of plot twist-fueled joy, it will probably be The Perfectionists. That's all the more reason to get acquainted with the show's TV star-studded cast, and the characters they're set to play now.

Sasha Pieterse And Janel Parrish

Pretty Little Liars fans are already well-acquainted with Pieterse and Parrish, since the actors played Ali and Mona respectively. Ali and Mona will be bringing trouble with them to Beacon Heights, for sure, but what kind of trouble remains to be seen. In a Jan. interview with TV Line, showrunner Marlene King promised that the inclusion of two of Pretty Little Liars' darker characters would make sense once you see the pilot.

Sofia Carson

Disney devotees are almost certainly familiar with Carson. The first actor to be cast in the pilot outside of Pieterse and Parrish stars in The Descendants franchise as Evie, the daughter of the Evil Queen. Carson also has a recurring role on the Freeform drama Famous in Love. Now she's set to play Ava, one of the trio of perfectionists.

Ava is described by Freeform as a blogger with some serious coder skills. She dreams of being a fashion icon one day — but if she's involved in the town's first murder, she may have to focus on staying out of trouble in the here and now instead.

Sydney Park

While you probably know her best as Cyndie from The Walking Dead, Park has appeared in several shows including That's So Raven, Instant Mom, and AwesomenessTV. Now she's taking on the role of Caitlin, a young girl who is "the perfect daughter of two perfect mothers," according to Freeform. She even has hopes of one day following in one of her mother's political footsteps and becoming a senator. She's also supposed to thrive under pressure, so Beacon Heights is probably the best town that she could possibly be in.

Eli Brown

Brown is a relative newcomer to the industry, but his Instagram page reveals he's a gifted singer, which might just come in handy on PLL: The Perfectionists. On the show, he's set to play Dylan, a talented cellist. Growing up in Beacon Heights, he's always felt judged, so now he focuses all of his attentions on his two great passions: the cello and his boyfriend, Andrew.

Hayley Erin

Erin's roots are in daytime where she's starred on both The Young and the Restless and General Hospital, but she's also appeared on Austin & Ally, Melissa & Joey, and NCIS. Whatever her role in PLL: The Perfectionists is, it's being kept under-wraps for now. Freeform hasn't even released her character's name. In fact, the description for her character in the press release actually reads she's joining the cast in a "mysterious, unnamed role."

Given that there are five perfectionists in the book series, but only three on the show, she could be playing a mysterious fourth member of the group — or someone new entirely, just to keep you guessing right from the start.

Kelly Rutherford

When it comes to primetime soaps, Rutherford is basically a legend. She's starred in everything from Melrose Place to Gossip Girl — and she even guest starred in an episode of The CW's Dynasty reboot. Having her on board feels like something of a coup, and her character certainly sounds primed for stirring up trouble.

The actor will star as Claire Hotchkiss, the matriarch of a powerful family that might just rule Beacon Heights. Along with her husband, Claire is the founder of Hotchkiss Industries and Beacon Heights University. She's also a perfectionist herself, one that believes that the best way to get what you want is to be the one pulling the strings.

Your Perfectionists have officially been set, Pretty Little Liars fans. Now all that's left to do is sit back and wait to see if this show lives up to the twisty awesomeness of its predecessor.