This 'PLL' Character Could Be The New Alison


Step aside, A.D. There is a new villain in Rosewood, and she is not afraid to sneer right in Emily’s face. As TVLine shared last week, Freeform released a clip of Tuesday night’s Pretty Little Liars that introduces us to Addison Derringer. Here’s what we know about the high school student so far: She is in Alison’s class, on Emily’s swim team, and seems to be up to something.

Huh. Would ya take a look at those initials. I’m sure that’s nothing more than a red (coat) herring. Nothing to get bent out of shape over. Nothing to scratch my head over. Nothing to create one of those investigation cork boards over. Right? Right?

Whether she is in cahoots with (or is!) Über A, or is just a surly high school student who cannot be bothered to be polite to her teachers, I reckon we’ll find out at some point during PLL Season 7B. In the meantime, here’s Addison being rude to Emily and eavesdropping on Alison.

Oh, a side note: How and why haven’t the Liars learned to shut doors before launching into a serious conversation? I’m not blaming Alison for Addison’s lurking, but the Liars have got to know by now that Rosewood is full of sketchy characters. With all of those mischief makers running amok, you can never be too cautious.

Alright, hopping off the soapbox now. Sorry about that. Here’s Alison, er, Addison.

Having a private chat with the doors open in Rosewood is one thing, but at least they didn't leave their cell phones and laptops unattended. That's next-level, and I hope the Liars have figured that out by now. If you're a Liar, you probably should wear your phone like a necklace 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Strap your computer to your body before you go to bed. Get some waterproof cases and bring those electronics in the shower with you. You know the untrustworthy denizens of Rosewood won’t think twice about sneaking into your room and hacking into your mobile devices while you’re bathing. Again, it’s not your fault, Liars, but Rosewood is what it is.