Prince Charles Revealed He's A Fan Of This TV Show & You Know What, It's Legit

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The Royal Family are so recognisable that sometimes it feels like you know them. They're photographed out and about at events almost every day and fans get an insider perspective on some of the biggest moments of their lives, like births, christenings, and marriages. But when you actually stop and think about it, any concrete facts about what the Windsors are really like behind closed doors are few and far between. That's why it's so fascinating when we get a glimpse into their day-to-day lives. And Prince Charles has recently given royal-watchers just that by revealing he's a fan of TV show is Poldark.

Yes, the future head of the monarchy enjoys nothing more than a cosy Sunday night in, presumably with Camilla, watching the BBC's biggest period drama. While on a visit to Cornwall, where the TV show and the books it's based on are set, Charles let slip that he's a fan of the series. Both he and Camilla were paying a visit to a bookshop in Fowey when they saw a collection of Winston Graham's classic novels. The shop's owner Ann Willmore told ITV that Charles made a comment about how prolific the author is. “What I can’t get over watching that Poldark stuff on the television, is just how many he wrote,” he said.

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Willmore also explained to ITV just how much interest Poldark has created for the area. "Poldark books have always been up there in terms of popular Cornish books, and since the television series there’s been an up-surge in interest right across Cornwall.” Aside from Aidan Turner's shirtless appearances, or lack of, this year, the show is known for showing off spectacular Cornish landscapes and as Charles is a big nature-lover, it's small wonder that he's a fan.

And it turns out his wife Camilla might have read the books, as she's an avid reader and apparently "couldn't resist" popping in to the book shop for a quick scan of the shelves. Charles and Camilla aren't the only ones who known to watch "that Poldark stuff." It's a huge hit for the BBC and has attracted audiences of 5.9 million in the past.

And it's not the only connection Prince Charles has with the small-screen, other than you know, those episodes of The Crown that dramatised his childhood in gritty detail. He also took to the most famous fictional cobbled road in the UK in a live episode of Coronation Street in 2000. The 40th anniversary show saw Audrey Roberts meeting the Prince and bragging to all her mates about it, as you would.

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But what other shows do the Royals love watching? The jury is out on whether they tune into Netflix behemoth The Crown like the rest of us, although who could resist watching a a dramatisation of their own lives and shouting "that's not how it happened at all" at the telly? Not me, that's for sure.

But the Queen is said to be a fan of BBC quiz show Pointless, Antiques Roadshow, and Downton Abbey, the Daily Mail reports, so she'll be chuffed it's coming back for a film version then. Prince William and Kate Middleton are known for being Game of Thrones megafans. They reportedly even once attempted to coax spoilers out of one of members of the cast, the Evening Standard reports. Sneaky, I like it. And given that Prince Harry's now wife Meghan Markle used to star in US show Suits, we're sure he's watched a few episodes, even though he revealed in their engagement interview that he'd never seen the series before they met.

So now there's confirmation of what I've suspected all along, the Royal Family aren't that different from us after all. I'll see you on Sunday night for the next royally-endorsed episode.