Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s Commonwealth Day Appearance Included A Super Cute Moment You May Have Missed

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March 12 in the United Kingdom was a special day for a couple of reasons. First, it was Commonwealth Day, which honors the many countries that make up British Commonwealth. Secondly, the celebration of the day included a cute Meghan Markle and Prince Harry moment, courtesy of The Independent, that you just have to see for yourself.

During the Commonwealth service held at Westminster Abbey, which is the largest interfaith gathering in the United Kingdom, as People reported, former One Direction member Liam Payne performed a rendition of John Mayer's "Waiting On The World To Change." In a video from The Independent, which caught the tail-end of Payne's performance, Markle and Harry could be seen sharing a giggly moment with each other.

Obviously, there's no way to know for sure what their fun glance was all about. It's possible that they weren't exactly feeling Payne's take on the classic song. (Maybe they wanted to hear some "Strip That Down" instead?) Or perhaps Markle and Harry bonded over their mutual, secret Directioner statuses and this glance confirmed their love of the boy band to the world. The royal-to-be was seen nodding along to the One Direction singer's song, per the U.K.'s Express. Or maybe they just looked at one another for something completely unrelated to the performance and this conspiracy theorizing is for naught. Although, here's hoping that they really are secret One Direction fans, because that would just be amazing.

No one besides the couple themselves will know what the moment was about, though. One thing that is for certain as it concerns this giggly glance: This was yet another moment of Harry and Markle being a totally cute, relatable couple.

Elsewhere during the event, Markle met with her hoards of fans, which included some adorable well-wishers. According to the Daily Mail, she even told some of those young fans about how much she's anticipating her upcoming wedding. Per the publication, Markle told the fans that she was "very excited" for her wedding day. Um, could this interaction be any cuter?

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The event made headlines for another special reason, too. The Commonwealth Day celebration was Markle's first official public appearance with her grandmother-to-be, Queen Elizabeth. During the actual ceremony, Markle and Harry even got to sit right behind the monarch.

The former actor attended the event with her fiancé, of course, and her future in-laws, William and Catherine, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The core four looked awesome, as always, as they entered Westminster Abbey in advance of the service, where Elizabeth gave a speech to the entirety of the Commonwealth. Before the celebrations, the Queen released a message on March 10, which called for the Commonwealth to grow in "scope and stature," as The Telegraph noted.

This ties into the theme of this year's service, "towards a common future," as stated on the Commonwealth's official website. So, it was definitely a special and important event that Markle got to be a part of, especially in advance of her becoming a member of the royal family at the center of all the festivities.

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Markle's last appeared with the Queen back in December 2017, during the royal family's Christmas church service, which was not considered an official public event like Commonwealth Day. Prior to the service, fans got the first look at the actor's curtsy prowess as she greeted the Queen, per ABC News. And she nailed it, obviously. Markle also spent the Christmas holiday with the Queen on her Sandringham estate, which was a first for a royal spouse-to-be, as ABC News also reported.

Markle's appearances at those classic Christmas Day festivities and this recent Commonwealth Day event are amazing signs that the former actor is on the right track with her royal future.