Prince Harry & Meghan Markle's Romance Reportedly Started In This Totally 21st Century Way

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry continue to be the cutest, most relatable, and overall ultimate royal couple. A new report from ELLE only serves to showcase just how well the pair works together. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle reportedly communicated with emojis when they were in the long-distance phase of their relationship, as royal reporter Omid Scobie revealed. And that wasn't the only fun, 21st century-related tidbit that the reporter discussed.

In an episode of Yahoo UK's The Royal Box, published on March 1, Scobie spoke about the early stage of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's courtship and how they made their relationship work, despite being based in two totally separate parts of the world (with Markle in Toronto filming Suits and Harry in London). "A lot of their early days were spent DMing and texting back and forth," he said on the program, "Harry loves to use emoji apparently, a lot of emojis." Maybe their texts were sprinkled with a couple of emoji-crowns here and there?

Additionally, Scobie reported that the couple didn't just communicate via emoji-filled texts, they also talked to each other through social media direct messages (or DMs). Despite not having a public social media account of his own (aside from the Kensington Palace accounts that he shares with Markle, Kate Middleton, and Prince William), Harry supposedly has secret accounts.

"We know that Prince Harry has a secret Instagram account, we know that Prince Harry is on Twitter," Scobie claimed, "Prince Harry told me that he follows a lot of the royal correspondents on Twitter to see what they’re up to. I think he does pay attention to what’s being written about him and, of course, now his wife.” Using emojis and sending DMs? Markle and Harry are even more relatable than anyone could have guessed.

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As ELLE pointed out, Markle and Harry previously discussed how they managed to keep their relationship strong despite long periods apart. The former actor said, in an interview with BBC News shortly after they announced their engagement in November 2017, "It was just a choice, right? I think that very early on when we realized we were going to commit to each other, we had to invest the time and the energy to make that happen."

Not only does Harry have a fondness for emojis, particularly when it came to the early days of his relationship with his now-wife, but Markle clearly loves them, too. In July 2018, the duchess' makeup artist, Daniel Martin, appeared on Good Morning America, where he spoke about his friendship with the royal and the fun way she revealed to him that she was marrying a prince.

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He said, "She [texted and] was, like, ‘Hey, what are you doing May 19th?’" She apparently followed up that message with one that included everyone's favorite form of communication nowadays, as he added, "And then she sent me two emojis of the bride and groom." That's certainly one way to tell your friend about the biggest event of the year.

In case you didn't know it before, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's fondness for emojis is just another reason why the lovely twosome are the most relatable royals in the game.