Chelsea Davy Is Doing Just Fine, Thank You Very Much

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Enough. If I read one more article about Chelsy Davy and Prince Harry's relationship, their reported phone call, or how she looked during the royal wedding ceremony, I will scream. If I see one more meme of her seeming "emotional," I will cry. And if I keep hearing that she must be devastated to have lost Harry, I will lose it. It's cruel, it's unfair, and it's based on absolutely nothing.

Here's the thing: Chelsy is Prince Harry's ex. Harry and Chelsy dated on and off when they were younger, for around seven years, from 2004 until calling it a day for good in 2011, according to Elle. We have no idea why they broke up, as we weren't part of their relationship or intimate conversations, but it was widely reported that she didn't want the royal lifestyle and didn't want to live with total scrutiny in the public eye, which seems very understandable.

The couple parted on good terms, so much so that she was a guest at Prince William's wedding, and Harry invited her to his own wedding. He also invited his other significant ex-girlfriend, Cressida Bonas, which implies they've all behaved decently, which is something to be commended. Chelsy, like a good sport, turned up, looked great, was presumably friendly and charming to all, and called it a day. The memes, gifs, and social media digs, however, imply that she looked (and presumably is) bitter and miserable.

Anyone who has ever been photographed while unaware will sympathise with the photos above, but recognise they're nothing more than being caught off-guard, on camera in the middle of a long day. Even the Queen couldn't smile throughout the whole day, but no-one claims she's unhappy. Why, then, do we instantly assume Chelsy is miserable or upset that her ex has moved on, even when she quite clearly has too?

It's far more likely that she's happy, Harry and Meghan are happy, and everyone's happy for each other. In fact, Meghan apparently gave Chelsy a hug at the wedding, breaking protocol to do so, according to the Express. But social media has exploded with the notion that Chelsy must feel as though she missed out, with the media also claiming that Harry and Chelsy partook in a tearful pre-wedding phone call, after which, according to Vanity Fair, Chelsy almost didn't attend the wedding.

Since breaking up with Harry, Chelsy has set up an ethical luxury jewellery brand, Aya, with roots in Africa, where she grew up. She divides her time between Zimbabwe and London, The Sun reports, while owning a jewel mine in Zambia and also has a law degree. She's entrepreneurial, intelligent, and very successful. Why on earth are we focusing on her supposed "misery," rather than her many, many accomplishments?

If a male ex went to his former girlfriend's wedding, no-one would accuse him of pining over her — I think they'd say how great it is that he managed to stay friends with her. The fact that Chelsy is currently single, according to The Telegraph, is part of what people seem to be fixating on, with the assumption that she's regretting have let Harry go. The double standard has to end.

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Many of us have gone to an ex's wedding, and like all weddings, some are more fun than others. Maybe Chelsy had a fabulous time, maybe she didn't. Maybe her feet hurt and her Spanx were digging in. The reality is we'll never know, and more importantly, it's none of our business. Should we not leave her alone to live her life? To have critics comment on your facial features is the last thing anyone needs. It's time to commend Chelsy for attending the wedding with such class, and then simply leave her alone to get on with her life.