Harry Wanted Meghan Markle To Meet His Niece & Nephew For Pretty Much The Cutest Reason Ever

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It sounds like Prince Harry can't wait to start a family with Meghan Markle. Royal expert and author Katie Nicholl told Entertainment Tonight Tuesday, that Markle met Prince George and Princess Charlotte for a specific reason. Apparently, Harry didn't want Markle to meet Prince William and Kate Middleton's children only because they're his nephew and niece. Their introduction reportedly had to do with his dreams of starting a family.

"The reason he wanted Meghan to meet Prince George and Princess Charlotte was so she could see that — this would be hopefully replicated by them, that they would go on to have children," Nicholl told ET. "That you marry into the royal family, but that doesn't mean you can't have a regular family with cute children, and here are George and Charlotte to show that that can happen. That was really important to him."

Marrying into the British Royal Family has to be a whirlwind and a lot of pressure. It's probably hard to see into the future and realize you can have somewhat of a normal life, like starting a family. Obviously, George and Charlotte, like William and Harry, don't have the average childhood, but that doesn't mean their parents and loved ones aren't trying to give them as normal of a life as possible. It sounds like it was important for Harry to let Markle know that a sense of normalcy in their lives is attainable, including when and if they choose to become parents.

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Harry has always wanted to become a dad. In April 2017, he opened up on The Telegraph's Mad World podcast and said (via People), "Of course, I would love to have kids." However, like many, he's also held off having kids because he wasn't ready. In May 2016, he told People, "There have been moments through life, especially when we do a tour abroad, when I think, 'I’d love to have kids now.' ... And then there are other times when I bury my head in the sand going, 'All right, don’t need kids!'" He continued, "There’s no rush. I think ... I tell you what: There’s been times I’ve been put off having children."

That said, becoming a dad is definitely something he wants in his future. While speaking with Katie Couric in May 2012 for Queen Elizabeth II's diamond jubilee, he said, "I've longed for kids since I was very, very young. And so I'm just waiting to find the right person, someone who's willing to take on the job."

Clearly, Markle is the one "willing to take on the job". Otherwise, she probably wouldn't be marrying him. According to Nicholl, Harry's love of children made Markle fall in love with him. "I think one of the lovely things, anecdotes that I discovered [while writing] the book [Harry: Life, Loss, and Love] was, it was actually a moment involving children, when Meghan really fell for Prince Harry." There's no denying he has a way with kids that can make anyone swoon.

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It seems the same can be said of Markle. Nicholl told ET, "Meghan is very doting with children. She is very maternal and she was thrilled to meet George and Charlotte." Her "maternal" side is something the former Suits actor has demonstrated anytime she and Harry are in public, including that time she encouraged a 10-year-old girl to follow her acting dream.

She's also dreamt of becoming a mom. According to Hello!, Markle talked about having a family with Lifestyle magazine in November 2016. "I also dream to have a family," she said. "It's all about balance, and I have so much happiness in my career and am fortunate to travel the world and see so many amazing things — it will also be nice to be anchored to something grounded and in the same place. Raising a family will be a wonderful part of that."

They certainly seem to be on the same page about starting a family. And one day, Harry and Markle will probably have children of their own, but only when they're absolutely ready. When or if it happens, there's no doubt they will make an amazing parenting duo.