Prince William & Lady Gaga Join Forces For An Important Cause

by Nicole Pomarico
Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

These are two people I never dreamed would work together, but now that they are, it seems like the perfect fit. This week, the royal family is expanding their efforts toward mental health, and now, a certain celebrity is getting in on it, too. During a live Facebook broadcast on Tuesday, Prince William and Lady Gaga joined forces for the Heads Together campaign. They want people to start talking about their feelings more often, and their message is so important.

Unfortunately, these two legends weren't in the same place — their conversation took place over FaceTime and across the ocean. As William explained, after finding out that Lady Gaga suffers from PTSD, he knew he wanted to work with her to help encourage people to talk about the things that they might otherwise keep inside, like she did.

The video is basically just a peek at William and Gaga having a serious conversation about mental health and reducing the stigma on talking about mental illness, but it's really interesting to see how they're on the same page about these issues. They may lead two very different lives on two very different continents, but struggles like depression and PTSD don't discriminate.

"We have to make the strongest most relentless attempt we can to normalize mental health issues so people feel like they can come forward," Lady Gaga says in the video.

William added:

"It’s okay to have this conversation, it's really important to have this conversation, you won't be judged — it's so important to break open that fear and taboo which is only going to lead to more problems down the line."

Their collaboration comes just a day after Prince Harry admitted that he sought counseling to help deal with his grief after the death of his mother, Princess Diana. And although the Heads Together campaign is something that William, Harry, and Kate Middleton have been working on for awhile now, this week, they've definitely ramped up their efforts.

It's awesome to see Lady Gaga and William both use their influence for good, especially when it comes to a cause as important as this. Hopefully, their words will encourage people to start having those difficult conversations. If we all felt free to express our feelings, how much easier would life be?