This Video Of Charlotte & George Visiting Their New Brother Is Too Adorable

by Nicole Pomarico
Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

On Monday, Kate Middleton welcomed her third baby at the Lindo Wing of St. Mary's Hospital, officially adding another boy to her family. And now, Princess Charlotte and Prince George have met the new royal baby, coming face to face with their little brother for the first time. The baby's name still has yet to be announced, but it's exciting to know that he's already met his older brother and sister.

Just a couple of hours after the birth was officially announced by Kensington Palace, William left the hospital, promising onlookers that he'd be "back in a minute." The palace confirmed that he was going to see George and Charlotte, although they didn't immediately clear up whether or not he was planning to bring the children with him when he returned. But now, we know that's exactly what was going on.

In a video that the palace tweeted out, William can be seen walking out of the famed Lindo Wing door to a car waiting outside, and he's all smiles as the crowd gathered cheers for him and tells him congratulations on becoming a dad for the third time. He waved to everyone as he got into the front seat of the car, and it's no wonder he was so cheerful — it was a pretty exciting day for him and his family with a new baby and all.

Less than an hour after Kensington Palace shared that photo, video footage from Sky News emerged, showing George and Charlotte arriving at the hospital with their dad. While George looked like he was a bit over it all (as per usual), Charlotte seemed to soak up every bit of the attention from the crowd, even turning around to get one last wave in before she disappeared inside.

And just so you can fully appreciate this footage, here's a photo of Charlotte's classy wave that the palace shared. People always say she's a mini-Queen, based on her resemblance to her great-grandmother, and this truly regal wave is more proof.

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It's a tradition for this family to visit their newest member in the hospital after he or she is born. When Charlotte made her grand entrance into the world back in 2015, of course George was there to meet his little sister, so it makes sense that they'd both show up at the hospital to do the same for their family's third child. And when Prince Harry was born in 1984, Prince William was there to meet him.

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George was much younger (and much tinier) then, and he had a wave of his own going on, which he must have passed down to Charlotte. With two show stealers as his older sister and brother, this new baby has a lot to learn about making public appearances.

Later on, Kensington Palace confirmed that Prince George and Charlotte had gone home, which is a bummer to anyone who was hoping that they'd be included in the first official photos of the royal baby leaving the hospital with his mom and dad. However, it won't be long before their parents and brother will join them. According to the palace's official Twitter, Middleton plans to leave the hospital Monday night, so it sounds like mom and baby must be doing really well — and of course, photos of this family all together should be in the near future.

So many congratulations to both George and Charlotte on their new little brother (and yeah, their parents, too). As adorable as these hospital visit photos are, there's no way they're going to touch the many pictures we'll get to see of the three of them growing up together through the years.