Tory Burch Just Recreated Princess Diana's '80s Wardrobe & The Pieces Are So Iconic

Tory Burch is known for her upscale, preppy aesthetic, and this season she's calling on the ultimate muse for style inspo. For her Spring 2020 collection, Burch went back to the '80s and across the pond. Princess Diana inspired Tory Burch's Spring 2020 collection, specifically the royal's 1980s aesthetic. Think delicate floral patterns, dropped waists, and broad shoulders with sailor collars. The collection takes some of Princess Diana's best '80s looks, and re-imagines them into a contemporary, wearable outfits. That way if you put on one of the boxy blazers, you won't feel like you're wearing a costume or digging through a thrift store bin. You will just feel chic.

Burch shared her 2020 collection this week during New York Fashion Week, saying she took a cue from Diana Spencer, who she has been fascinated with since a young age.

"Clearly, she was a style icon, but I loved her fearlessness, her intelligence and, most of all, her humanity," Burch shared on her website. "She left a legacy of giving back that embodies what I admire most, one that has been instilled in our Foundation and company since the beginning. This collection brings together English garden florals, a restrained volume and my own take on the Eighties.”

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The collection was filled with pearls, pussy bows, polka dots, and puffy sleeves. “Like Diana, I wanted to tread carefully with the ‘80s, because that’s not where I go naturally from a design standpoint," Burch told The Hollywood Reporter. "But it felt very fresh and I wanted to reference some of the shapes and some of the shirring and the polka-dots. For me, it was really fun to find that balance of how to reference Diana and the ‘80s and English gardens, but not be so over-the-top literal.”

While Burch might not have wanted to be too on the nose, there were quite a few pieces that looked like they could have effortlessly fit into Princess Diana's wardrobe. Check out some of the similarities below.

White Suits

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Princess Diana was the queen of suits, so it's no wonder that Burch has a few blazer sets in her 2020 collection. One of the white tuxedo suits on the runway closely resembled one of the duchess's pencil skirt suits. The white blazer with black lapel had some similarities.

Blue Florals

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Princess Diana had a penchant for delicate floral prints, often wearing them across all sorts of different outfits. It didn't matter if the small florals appeared in State Dinner ball gowns or casual day dresses — the duchess loved them all. So it's no wonder that the soft prints appeared in Burch's 2020 collection.

White Floral Prints

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Tiny, dizzying prints weren't the only aesthetic that Princess Diana was into. She also enjoyed a blank white background with a sparse floral print.

Dress Ruching

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The '80s were big with ruched waists, and Princess Diana often reached for that detail when it came to her ball gowns and red carpet dresses. The same aesthetic can be seen in Burch's 2020 collection

Burch's latest collection has a series of '80s throwbacks without feeling cheesy. But then again, when you have Princess Diana as your muse, you can't really go wrong.