Princess Eugenie's Commemorative Wedding China Is Absolutely Stunning, And Actually Affordable

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Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank's wedding is coming right up, which means there's now something special available for any passionate royal fans out there. The commemorative china for Princess Eugenie's wedding has been released, as well as a couple other items, and the design is really pretty. It's perfect for displaying on a shelf... or for eating a late night grilled cheese sandwich off of... or for cereal if you don't feel like washing a bowl. I mean, look, we're not all royals. Sometimes you have to make practical use of what you've got and feel super fancy while eating Honey Nut Cheerios.

There are six items specifically made in honor of Eugenie and Brooksbank's wedding. The Royal Collection Shop website also lists a Royal Mews Souvenir Horseshoe along with the collection since horses from the Royal Mews will be involved in the October 12 wedding, just like they were with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's recent wedding.

The items feature Eugenie's monogram with her coronet, as well as Eugenie and Brooksbank's conjoined monogram. The design also includes ivy, bluebells, forget-me-nots, and the white rose of York. The meaning of the rose is clear: the bride is Princess Eugenie of York. People reports that the ivy is in honor of the couple's residence at Ivy Cottage at Kensington Palace. Forget-me-nots can represent fidelity and true love (among many other things), according to Garden Nerdy says bluebells can signify constancy, humility, everlasting love, and gratitude. Also, as you'll see, the flowers just look nice on a piece of china or a tea towel.

Princess Eugenie & Mr. Jack Brooksbank Royal Wedding Coaster


Royal Collection Shop

This coaster is about four inches wide and features Eugenie's monogram and coronet on the front, and information about the wedding, including the date and location, on the back.

Princess Eugenie & Mr. Jack Brooksbank Royal Wedding Miniature Teacup & Saucer


Royal Collection Shop

This one looks like it could be used as an ornament since it's attached to a ribbon, but the description on the site doesn't explain it. Anyway, it's really small — the saucer is about 3.5 inches in diameter — so it's probably not too useful for actual tea.

Princess Eugenie & Mr. Jack Brooksbank Royal Wedding Pillbox


Royal Collection Shop

Use it to store pills. Or something else. The choice is yours when you spend $37 on a small ceramic container.

Princess Eugenie & Mr. Jack Brooksbank Royal Wedding Tankard


Royal Collection Shop

While this one is listed as a tankard, it's not so big that you couldn't use it as a mug. (Or to eat cereal. This is very important.)

Princess Eugenie & Mr. Jack Brooksbank Royal Wedding Tea Towel


Royal Collection Shop

Moving out of the china category, there is this royal wedding tea towel that will definitely get stained immediately if you use it, so better just hide it away in a drawer forever.

Princess Eugenie & Mr. Jack Brooksbank Royal Wedding Handbag Shortbread


Royal Collection Shop

It seems that "handbag shortbread" is not a British thing, but a Royal Collection Shop thing. Another listing for "handbag shortbread" reads, "In case of emergency, don't leave home without our delicious, buttery shortbread. The perfect size to pop in your handbag."

While the prices for the items aren't totally outrageous, shipping is very pricy if you live outside of the UK. For the US and Canada shipping costs £20, which is around $26. Proceeds from the Royal Collection Shop go to the Royal Collection Trust, which funds the upkeep and display of royal art from throughout history, as well as nearly all the contents of the royal palaces. So, at least if you do take the plunge, you'll know where that money is going. Plus, you'll have a keepsake that will last for generations... as long as you keep it somewhere very safe.