Princess Eugenie's Wedding Date Was Reportedly Moved All Because Of Harry & Meghan

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Princess Eugenie might not be getting married as soon as she thought — and it seems Meghan Markle and Prince Harry may be to blame. According to the Daily Mail, Markle and Harry's royal tour has postponed Eugenie's wedding to Jack Brooksbank. A rep for Kensington Palace had no comment for Bustle.

Reportedly, Eugenie and Brooksbank were planning on getting married in September, but now their wedding has been pushed to October. "Eugenie and Jack are keen to tie the knot quite quickly, and there certainly wouldn’t be any issue as regards the booking of the chapel given who her grandmother [Queen Elizabeth II] is," a source told the Daily Mail. "But the issue is that some members of the Royal Family already have commitments in the diary."

The source added, "There is talk of a number of foreign tours for Prince Harry and Miss Markle this year, and September is a date that has been mooted. There is nothing concrete yet, but it looks as if Eugenie and Jack will go for October instead."

It appears this was to be expected. As Prince Andrew told BBC News on Monday about his daughter's potential wedding date, "It’s now about finding the time and the date and getting it all organized, I think probably in the autumn some time, is the time everybody is looking at." He continued, "We can’t fix a date yet, we’ve got to look at everybody’s diaries — it’s a bit more complicated than that."

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Brooksbank's grandmother, Joanna Newton, also spoke with the Daily Mail about the wedding postponement. "It will be down in Windsor and it will be in October. I do know that they’re now not going to get married in September. He [Brooksbank] said, 'We can’t get married in September now so we will have to get married in October.'"

Newton added, "They [the Royal family] have got something else going on then I think so they couldn’t. So he [Jack] just said that if they can’t get married in September they will have to get married in October."

Based on a portion of the 2018 British Royal Family calendar shared by the Express U.K., they appear to have a strict plan that is thoroughly mapped out in advance. So when it comes to planning events, like weddings and royal tours, well, family members probably have to stick to the schedule and make sure certain events don't overlap.

As for Markle and Harry's first official royal tour as a married couple, the Express U.K. also reports that it essentially serves as "a rite of passage" for Markle. No official details have been confirmed, but it could include a tour of America and Canada, similar to Prince William and Kate Middleton's first royal tour after they got married in 2011.

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Any type of royal tour is a big deal. As Town & Country reported in July 2017, "Royal tours can take up to a year to plan, and are either instigated by the U.K. government, or by an invitation from the host country. The itinerary is put together based on whatever matters of national importance the host government would like to draw attention to, while also incorporating some of the visiting royal's personal interests."

There is a lot of planning involved, including, nailing down exact times, dress codes, camera angles, and even "the best place for the royal cavalcade to pull up," per Town & Country. If that is the case, then it would make sense why Eugenie's wedding would be postponed for a bit. The same amount of planning probably will go into Markle and Harry's post-wedding royal tour. If so, Eugenie's wedding could possibly interfere or disrupt the tour in some way.

Furthermore, news.com.au reports that the Queen and Prince Philip usually travel to Scotland in September, which also wouldn't make it a great time for Eugenie's wedding. The Australian news site also reports that the couple typically returns to England the second week of October, which could mean the royal wedding would be around that time instead.

Whatever the case, it doesn't sounds like the reported wedding date change bothers Eugenie and Brooksbank. "They are fine with it," the same source told the Daily Mail. "I don’t think anything will overshadow how deliriously happy they are." If everyone is happy and understanding of the strict calendar, then that's all that matters.