These Princess Jasmine Makeup Brushes Will Transform Your Beauty Drawer Into A Whole New World

Indie brush brand Luxie Beauty really outdid itself with the Wonder Woman Brush Set, which arrived in conjunction with the blockbuster film. Now, the brand is following up with an equally awesome set of tools — Princess Jasmine-inspired makeup brushes. The Aladdin beauty is certainly deserving of her own set of makeup brushes, that's for sure.

Luxie Beauty posted a tease on its official Instagram, and while it's hard to make out the detail on the handles or the brush heads, it was certainly enough have me shaking and crying a little. If you are a Disney diehard — and really, who isn't?— then this brush set will find itself on your wish list.

Luxie, which is a cruelty-free and vegan company, did not share the release date, the price, or any other details of the launch. Bustle reached out to Luxie reps to inquire about the set's specs.

UPDATE: Luxie responded to Bustle via email, confirming that brushes will arrive next month, but declined to share an exact date. So they will be here in September. Luxie also confirmed that the set will include both face and eyeshadow brushes.

As a Luxie brush user, I can tell you the bristles are densely packed and incredibly soft. They don't shed on application, either.

I know, Disney lovers, I know. This tease might leave you slightly unsatisfied, simply because you want more. I see red, blue, and gold flecks. How about you?

Luxie fans and makeupistas are eagerly anticipating these tools.

If you totally need to refresh your makeup brushes this fall, Luxie's Princess Jasmine set is perfect.

Luxie Wonder Woman Brush Set, $119, ASOS

ICYMI: This is the Wonder Woman brush set in all of its empowering glory. I cherish mine.