Luxie's Wonder Woman Brushes Are Worth The Coin

Wonder Woman mania is in full effect. The merch machine is rolling and there are lots of Wonder Woman-branded items to shop, from the Alex and Ani jewelry collection to Walgreens makeup bags to the Luxie Beauty x Wonder Woman face brush set. The latter is a five-piece collection of red-handled tools boasting the Wonder Woman logo and black and white ombre bristles.

The set is comprised of a flat Kabuki brush, a tapered Kabuki brush, a fan brush, a buffer, and an angled buffer. The bristles are synthetic and the brushes are of primo quality.

The set also includes a heavy, brass-look, dual-mirror compact, which was part of the initial tease and mimics Wonder Women's shield. The cruelty-free collection is $95 and goes on sale on Wednesday, May 31.

So, is the Luxie Beauty Wonder Woman Brush collection worth it?

Well, I received a set from the brand and even if I didn't, I would be ordering it today as a Wonder Woman fan.

The craftsmanship is stellar. The brushes have long, pointed, and shiny red handles, like the heel of Wonder Woman's signature boots. They are easy to grip and don't slip. I love that they remind me of stilettos and covert weapons at the same time!

Courtesy of Amy Sciarretto

The brush heads? OMG. They are fluffy and luxurious. I used the buffer this morning to dust a light layer of MAC Studio Fix powder foundation to even out my skintone.

Courtesy of Amy Sciarretto

The tools picked up the perfect amount of product and deposited and distributed it evenly.

Courtesy of Amy Sciarretto

The bristles felt like silk against my skin and look killer on the counter.

Courtesy of Amy Sciarretto

I am going to repurpose the box because it has awesome Wonder Woman branding and can be utilized for storage.

Courtesy of Amy Sciarretto

That shield-inspired compact, though! It's heavy and it features the Wonder Woman logo as well. It's probably my favorite piece in the collection, despite not being a brush.

But here are the two main reasons why the set is must-own. First, black-handle brushes populate the market. There are tons out there. The Wonder Woman brushes are unique, with their shiny scarlet handles. Plus, they are less than $16 a piece, which is a good deal for premium tools.

Courtesy of Amy Sciarretto

But more importantly, the brand has stated that its mission with this brush set is to serve as a "reminder to women about their unique power, confidence, and bravery to take on everyday like Wonder Woman. This set has been designed to help you show off your inner Wonder Woman to the world!"

Amen to that! These tools will inject a dose of fun into your morning routine. The set is a "must" for collectors, Wonder Woman fanatics, pro or amateur or Insta MUAs, or basically anyone with a brush passion.