Dean & Lesley Aren't Even Trying To Hide Their 'Bachelor' Relationship — PHOTOS

Lorenzo Bevilaqua/ABC

The Bachelor Winter Games are a lovely way to fill time between seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. It's basically Bachelor Pad or Bachelor In Paradise, but with snow and skis instead of a pool, sand, and Wells Adams standing in as bartender (which actually would have been great if he could have stepped in here, too). There will be eliminations and competition and couples, but for some reason, it doesn't seem like the couples are particularly interested in keeping the end-game results of The Bachelor Winter Games a secret. Gone are the days of airtight social media — it's all out there now. For example, Dean and Lesley are still dating after Bachelor Winter Games. How do I know? Because they've done everything short of screaming, "We're together now!" off a mountain.

The Bachelor and The Bachelorette contestants still subscribe to tight-lipped social media rules, all probably stemming from that time that Kaitlyn Bristowe accidentally snapped a picture of herself and Shawn Booth in bed together before the end of her season aired. She chose Shawn, obviously, and it ruined the finale. To combat this, many Bachelor/ette contestants choose to disable their social media while they're filming and sometimes even during airing. That said, there is less at stake in a four-episode run of The Bachelor Winter Games, and Dean and Lesley are really going for it. The pair was seen holding hands at the Sundance Film Festival, and Dean told Us Weekly that he is "incredibly happy" and hopes this relationship is for the long haul.

Interviews aside, the pair spent Valentine's Day 2018 together and barely tried to hide it. While Dean didn't appear on Lesley's Instagram or vice versa, they took pictures of the same thing at the same time and even sometimes from the same angle.

Dean added a picture of his Valentine's Day activity at Skydive Santa Barbara.

Dean Unglert/Instagram

Guess who else happened to be at Skydive Santa Barbara on the very same day? Lesley!

Lesley Murphy/Instagram

Then, Dean went on a romantic drive in a Jeep, and he got stuck.

Dean Unglert/Instagram

Someone else took a picture of her Jeep (the very same Jeep) with its back wheels stuck in the dirt.

Lesley Murphy/Instagram

Finally, Dean ended the day with a scene of a romantic courtyard, twinkling lights fluttering in the breeze.

Dean Unglert/Instagram

Needless to say, Lesley ended her day with the exact same picture in the exact same spot, adding stick figures of a long-haired lady and a guy sitting in those very cozy-looking chairs.

Lesley Murphy/Instagram

I mean damn, guys — at least make us work for it a little bit! Make me do some investigative reporting that's more than just following both of you on social media.

I'm happy for both Lesley and Dean, though. Dean had a rough go of it on Bachelor In Paradise, and it's good that he's learned from his time on the show. He told Us Weekly:

“I had a bad experience on Bachelor in Paradise, but I learned a lot over that experience, so it was nice to be able to go on with a new perspective and really be able to focus on how to improve. And not be as much of a sh*thead as I was the first time around.”

I think we can all agree that being a you-know-what head is not a good look for Dean. In the extended trailer for The Bachelor Winter Games, Dean says, "The truth is, I am falling in love with Lesley. I hope she feels the same way." Seems like you both feel the same way now, Dean!

Of her time on The Bachelor Winter Games, Lesley told Entertainment Tonight, "I had the time of my life. I was there until the very end and you’ll see how it ends... I came off [of the show] very, very happy."

Hmm... Dean is happy, Lesley is happy, and they spent Valentine's Day in the exact same place at the exact same time? I think it's safe to say (based on having eyes and ears) that Dean and Lesley are together on The Bachelor Winter Games, and they're basically shouting their love from the rooftops.