Kaitlyn & Shawn Can Stop Apologizing For THAT Pic

It was the Snapchat seen 'round the internet: Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth of ABC's The Bachelorette were getting cozy in bed. While the photo was poised to spur many an "aww!" and "tee-hee!" the issue of said photo came with timing. The Bachelorette season finale had yet to air, so the snap served as a preemptive — and unwelcome — answer to the question, "Who will Kaitlyn choose?" Obviously, she chose Shawn over Nick Viall, and I thanked my lucky stars that I had avoided any potential spoilers circulating around my news feeds in order to actually be surprised. For those who became privy to the snap before the finale, it could still be argued that the photo was old and sent by mistake, or — for any reality television conspiracy theorists out there — the snap could have been taken as a red herring to throw fans off about the actual conclusion.

Well, it wasn't a red herring, but the snap was a complete accident. Now that Kaitlyn and Shawn have gone public as a couple, the two have taken to post-finale appearances to lament the faux pas. In an interview with People, Kaitlyn and Shawn recalled the moment they had realized the accidental snap had gone viral:

"I thought it was me who did it," Booth says. "I got out of bed and picked up my phone and I had all these Twitter notifications and I'm like, 'Oh my God!' I couldn't breathe. I bent over the bed and I'm like, 'I did something really bad!' " "I was like, 'You're an idiot,' " Bristowe says of her conversation with Booth, 29. "And then he looked at it and [said], 'Babe, it was you!' "

Whoops. While the happy couple were both distraught over the spoiler, ABC wasn't too keen on the leaked photo either. Honestly, though, is this really that big of a deal? I feel like every post-finale interview and report I've read on the couple involves these two apologizing for the infamous photo. Mistakes happen, and at least they didn't leak anything NSFW — now that would cause some stress.

As one who is admittedly way more invested in this adorable twosome than I have any right to be, I have decided to compile a list on why Kaitlyn and Shawn need to chillax about the viral incident and stop apologizing.

1. We All Make Mistakes

These things happen to the best of us.

2. It Was A Cute Picture

If it hadn't been for the whoopsie, us fans would have never been able to behold the cuteness of this pic.

3. It Didn't Necessarily Spoil The Finale

Remember what I said about the snap being perceived as old or a red herring? The slip didn't unequivocally prove that Shawn was going to be the winner.

4. Fans Who Made Bets On Shawn Got To Collect Their Winnings Early

In case anyone bet money on Shawn winning Bachelorette, those people got to buy a new pair of shoes just in time for the finale if they were able to argue the snap deemed Shawn the winner.

5. It's Hard To Hold Back Your Love

Kaitlyn and Shawn had to keep their love a secret until the show finished airing — not an easy feat when you're in the throes of amore. Something had to give.

6. Snapchat Is Kind Of Kaitlyn & Shawn's Thing

Being that Shawn sent this adorable Snapchat to his buddies before even meeting Kaitlyn, it's safe to say that sending snaps is an integral part of their relationship.

7. The Element Of Surprise Isn't Everything

If you found out your friends were planning a surprise party for you, would you decide not to attend? Of course you wouldn't. Look, take it from someone who has had the endings of a legion of shows and movies spoiled for her — surprise isn't everything. The finale was enjoyable whether you knew the outcome or not.

Let's hope Kaitlyn and Shawn can go a little easier on themselves and keep the snaps coming.

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