These Punny Halloween Costume Ideas For Couples Are ACTUALLY Funny

by Alli Hoff Kosik

I have a feeling that you and your significant other are pretty cool. I think you're probably fun and outgoing and clever, and I bet you watch all the hottest TV shows and generally have your collective finger on the pulse of all things pop culture. You're witty, and you make jokes worthy of Gilmore Girls in its prime — in fact, many have wondered if you're actually Amy Sherman-Palladino in disguise. Because of this, you're definitely at the top of the invite list for several Halloween parties — and because you're so wonderful, I'm sure you hold yourselves to a pretty high standard when it comes to picking your couples costume. I'll warrant a guess based on your cleverness that you're in the same boat as I am when it comes to punny costumes (that being the boat of "they're the best"), so you might be in the market for punny couples Halloween costume ideas for 2017.

These chock-full-of-pun suggestions won't break the bank, but you'll find yourself attracting plenty of knowing giggles and — of course — compliments. Because if Halloween's no longer about candy for us "older" people, why shouldn't it be about spending the night cracking people up with your S.O.?

Taco Belle


Taco Costume, $29, Amazon | Short Sleeve Midi Dress (Yellow), $19, Amazon | Rhinestone Flower Hair Clip, $16, Amazon | Silk Rose Flowers, $4, Amazon

You and your partner will be the best fairy tale to hit fast food since — well, ever. One partner should wear a full taco suit, while the other can dress as everyone's favorite feminist-bookworm-princes hyphenate in a yellow dress accented with a rhinestone hair clip. Bring along a red rose too.



Long Wavy Red Fade Orange Wig, $30, Amazon | Adult Tee (Orange), $3, Amazon | Milani Color Statement Lipstick (Matte Orchid), $5, Target | Fox Fur Ears, $7, Amazon | "What Does the Fox Say?" Shirt, $8, Amazon

Firefox can make a great Halloween costume for you and your S.O. If you're playing the role of fire, dress in an orange shirt and red wig, and add some extra spice with orange lipstick. The fox can wear fox ears (duh) and a "What does the fox say?" shirt.

Hammer Time


Stop Sign Sunglasses, $12, Amazon | Hammer, $6, Amazon | Neck Strap Lanyard, $5, Amazon | Alarm Clock Shirt, $18, Amazon

Stop! It's hammer time! And time for you to be the biggest hit of Halloween with this pun-filled costume. You and your partner should each wear a pair of novelty "STOP" sunglasses. One of you can wear a hammer tied to a lanyard around your neck, and the other can wear a clock shirt, playing "time."

Party Animal


Birthday Party Cone Hat, $9, Amazon | Assorted Color Party Balloons, $10, Amazon | Shot Glass Bead Necklaces, $10, Amazon | Dalmatian Ears & Tail Set, $9, Amazon

You or your S.O. can bring the party in a colorful birthday hat and a shot glass necklace. Why not carry some balloons to add to the spectacle? The other person should dress as an animal (and there are no rules against said animal wearing a party hat and shot glass necklace too).

When Life Gives You Lemons


"Life" Shirt, $12, Amazon | Artificial Lemons (6 pieces), $2, Amazon | Adult Tee (Yellow), $3, Amazon | Wicker Picnic Basket, $15, Amazon | Clear Pitcher, $18, Amazon

We all know this saying — and we've lived it on our most frustrating days too. Bring the old conventional wisdom to life in costume form! One person can wear a "Life" shirt and carry a basket full of fake lemons. The other should wear a yellow shirt and carry a clear pitcher. Throughout the night, "Life" should continuously pass lemons to their partner, who can put them in the pitcher and demonstrate stirring them up.

Fantasy Football


Wizard Hat, $7, Amazon | Merlin Wig & Beard Set, $16, Amazon | Football Helmet, $25, Amazon | Stadium Replica Jersey, $9, Amazon | Football, $15, Amazon

This costume illustrates perhaps the most extreme of opposites (and a really clever pun). One person should play a beloved fantasy movie character — the wizard — while the other can dress as a football player. Now that's my kind of fantasy football!

Lounge Lizard


Spa Plush Robe, $19, Amazon | Faux Fur Slippers, $8, Amazon | Lizard Mask, $19, Amazon | Adult Tee (Deep Forest), $3, Amazon

You and your partner will most definitely argue over who gets to wear the more comfortable of these two costumes! The "lounge" part of this lounge lizard should show up decked out in a robe and slippers, while the lizard can wear a mask and green shirt.

Hawaiian Punch


Silk Flower Lei, $4, Amazon | Hawaiian Luau Grass Skirt, $8, Amazon | Boxing Hooded Robe and Shorts, $19, Amazon | Costume Boxing Gloves, $17, Amazon

Throw it back to everyone's favorite childhood birthday party beverage — and add a punny twist — by pairing a classically Hawaiian luau look with a boxing costume.

Teacher's Pet


Black Shiny Frame Clear Lens Glasses, $6, Amazon | Pre-Tied Bowtie, $8, Amazon | V-Neck Sweater Vest, $14, Amazon | Artificial Red Apple, $2, Amazon | Cat Ears & Tail Set, $9, Amazon | Face Crayons, $6, Amazon

Play the role of a super traditional teacher in dark glasses, a bow tie, and sweater vest. Don't forget to bring an apple! Your significant other can play your favorite student with animal ears and tail, and whiskers and ears drawn on with face crayons.

Fast Food


"I Run Better Than The Government" Tank, $11, Amazon | Stretch Running Shorts, $20, Amazon | Terry Cloth Headband, $2, Amazon | Extra Long Athletic Sport Tube Socks, $9, Amazon | Burger Costume, $22, Amazon

You and your partner can represent the entire fast food industry in a way that's likely more favorable than it's used to. One of you should dress in athletic gear, ideally with a tank that makes it clear to everyone you meet that you. are. a. runner. And don't forget to put on your sneakers! A hamburger costume is perfect for the other person in the duo.

Cereal Killer


Breakfast Cereal Beanie, $18, Amazon | Cheerios Shirt, $9, Amazon | Froot Loops Socks, $15, Amazon | Black Shirt, $1, Amazon | Bloody Knife Toy, $7, Amazon

You've probably seen this punny look pulled off individually (I know I have — and I though it was super clever), but why not make it a team effort? One person should load up with cereal-themed swag (who knew you could buy a breakfast cereal beanie?), and the other can play the menacing villain with a simple black shirt and a novelty knife.