6 Literary Halloween Costumes For Couples

by Alex Weiss

Couples who read together, stay together. And couples who dress up for Halloween together, look amazing together. Whether you already have a few Halloween parties or events you're planning on going to, or you just want to dress up for the heck of it and wing it on Halloween night, it's always fun to plan out a costume — especially with your partner.

Halloween is easily one of my favorite holidays, and that's not just because of all the sugary sweet candy. I love watching scary and silly movies, the feel of autumn chill in the air, the apple cider and haunted houses — I could go on forever. It's also the time of year that I love to break out some of my favorite books and read them again and again, pondering what literary couple my partner and I should dress up as.

This is the first year I'm going to dress up as a couple, and I couldn't be more excited about it. If you're planning on wrangling your partner into a cheesy, romantic literary couples costume, I have a few unique ideas you maybe haven't thought of yet. Brainstorm with your partner about all the fun couples costumes there are to consider, and check out these six taken straight from the books:

1. Effie and Haymitch from The Hunger Games Series

In the past, you've probably dressed up as or at least considered going to a Halloween party as Kantiss and Peeta — or Finnick and Annie. This year, ditch the favorites and dress up as Effie and Haymitch instead. Sure, they weren't technically a couple, but we have hope they found love with each other after the series ended. Here's what you'll need:

Effie: Costume Necessities

Try: Orange Dress, $35, Gilt

Try: Black Boots, $32, Amazon

Try: Blonde Wig, $20, Amazon

Try: Black Party Gloves, $10, Amazon

Nail Art: DIY monarch nails

Try: Paper Butterflies, $10, Amazon

Haymitch: Costume Necessities

Try: White Button Down, $17, Amazon

Try: Vest, $23, Amazon

Try: Pants, $29, Amazon

Try: Suit Jacket, $60, Amazon

Try: Blue Tie, $15, Nordstrom Rack

Try: Flask, $20, Amazon

2. Princess Buttercup and Westley from The Princess Bride

What's more romantic than Buttercup and Westley's twue wove? Plus, if you're into the whole renaissance look, this is your look. Here's what you need for an unforgettable The Princess Bride costume:

Princess Buttercup: Costume Necessities

Try: Red Dress, $60, Amazon

Try: Boots, $24, Amazon

Try: Tiara, $8, Amazon

Westley: Costume Necessities

Try: Black Shirt, $18, Amazon

Try: Black Pants, $25, Amazon

Try: Black Gloves, $11, Amazon

Try: Mask, $9, Amazon

Try: Bandana, $7, Amazon

Try: Toy Sword, $20, Amazon

Try: Boots, $44, Amazon

3. Wendy Darling and Peter Pan from Peter Pan

Wanna tap into some childhood nostalgia? Recreate the two main characters from Peter Pan for a simple, unforgettable costume:

Wendy Darling: Costume Necessities

Try: Blue Dress, $31, Amazon

Try: Flats, $18, Amazon

Peter Pan: Costume Necessities

Try: Green Skinny Jeans, $50, TopMan

Try: Green T-Shirt, $10, Amazon

Try: Peter Pan Hat, $7, Amazon

Try: Boots, $86, Amazon

Try: Dagger, $5, Amazon

4. Daisy Buchanan and Jay Gatsby from The Great Gatsby

If there's every a time to indulge in Roaring '20s fashion, it's Halloween. And for book-lovers, that means one thing: The Great Gatsby. Here are all the little things you'll need, from jewelry to champagne flutes:

Daisy Buchanan: Costume Necessities

Try: Flapper Dress, $39, Amazon

Try: Heels, $35, Amazon

Try: Necklace, $15, Amazon

Try: Bracelet, $24, Amazon

Try: Handmade Feather Headband, $48, Amazon

Try: Pearl Bobby Pins, $5, Amazon

Jay Gatsby: Costume Necessities

Try: Tuxedo Jacket, $47, Amazon

Try: Pants, $40, Amazon

Try: White Button Down, $17, Amazon

Try: Bow Tie, $7, Amazon

Try: Cuff Links, $50, Amazon

Try: Shoes, $35, Amazon

Try: Champagne Flutes, $10, Amazon

5. Marco Alisdair and Celia Bowen from The Night Circus

Around this time of year, I always pull out The Night Circus, because it gets me into the Halloween spirit. It's also a drop-dead gorgeous book that centers on two magicians: Marco and Celia. Here's how to dress up as one of the most beautiful literary couples of all time:

Celia Bowen: Costume Necessities

Black And White Dress, $30.58, Rotita,

Raven Necklace, $25, Amazon

Dove Earrings, $17, Amazon

Black Heels, $39, Amazon

Marco Alisdair: Costume Necessities

Try: Suit Jacket, $43, Asos

Try: Top Hat, $26, Amazon

Try: White Button Down, $17, Amazon

Try: Umbrella, $20, Amazon

Try: Pocket Journal, $11, Amazon

Try: Shoes, $50, 6pm

Try: Pocket Watch, $23, Zulily

Try: Black And Red Playing Cards, $9, Amazon

6. John Watson and Sherlock Holmes from The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

This costume is amazing because can mix-and-match historical and modern elements, depending on which version of Sherlock Holmes you choose to recreate:

John Watson: Costume Necessities

Try: White Button Down, $17, Amazon

Try: Vest, $15, NewChic

Try: Shoes, $47, Bluefly

Optional: Fake Mustache, $5, Amazon

Try: Pocket Watch, $12, Hot Topic

Try: Walking Cane, $30, Amazon

Try: Pants, $19.99, or Skirt, $15.99 - $18.99, Amazon

Sherlock Holmes: Costume Necessities

Try: Deerstalker Hat, $16, Amazon

Try: Peacoat, $30, Amazon

Try: Scarf, $40, Back County

Try: Shoes, $35, Target

Try: Magnifying Glass, $4, Amazon

Try: Smoking Pipe, $8, Amazon

Try: Pants, $19.99, or Skirt, $15.99 - $18.99, Amazon

Images: 20th Century Fox; Lionsgate Films; Disney; Warner Bros; BBC