Easter Egg-Shaped Oreos Are On The Way — And They're PURPLE

Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Sick of hearing about new Oreos yet? I hope not, because another challenger has entered the ring: Rumor has it that Easter egg-shaped Oreos might be on the way for Spring 2019 — and even better, they’re filled with bright purple cream. If that doesn’t scream “SPRING!!!!!!” to you, I don’t know what does. It’s worth noting that the variety hasn’t been confirmed as definitely in the works — Bustle reached out to Nabisco/Oreo parent company Mondelez International, but received no response by press time — but the sources currently reporting on the rumors are usually pretty reliable, so don’t be surprised if you start to see these suckers on shelves in another month or two.

Instagrammer Candy Hunting looks like they’re pretty much the first to have posted about the treats; a photo of the packaging hit that account back in early December. A few other snack food Instagrammers have since followed suit, including Markie Devo, and a number of outlets like MSN and Delish have picked up the story in recent days — but details remain scarce. All we really know about the maybe-forthcoming Oreos is what can be gleaned from these drips and drops of coverage so far.

So: What do we know? Well, according to the grainy packaging images, the cookies are chocolate, while the filling is purple cream — which, flavor-wise, suggests they’re pretty much just regular Oreos. However, they are egg-shaped; what’s more, they’ll apparently come in four different designs. Candy Hunting’s image features a cookie with a pair of bunny ears on it, while Markie Devo’s has a cookie with a striped pattern and the word “OREO” written on it.

But although Candy Hunting found them somewhat unremarkable, noting, “They're just purple colored creme with egg shaped cookies. Not much to see here,” I would argue that the visual makeover is… well, maybe not a Big Deal (we are talking about cookies here, after all; the stakes aren’t exactly high, so there’s only so big of a deal they can be), but notable all the same. Usually, Oreos’ big focus is on flavor: The sheer number of new permanent and limited-edition Oreo flavors that have been released over the years, particularly recently, is so high that we’re definitely starting to approach flavor saturation—assuming we haven’t already gotten there, of course. As such, it’s kind of refreshing to see a limited edition offering that’s almost solely about the visual aesthetics.

Besides, compared with how often Oreo tinkers with flavor, they almost never touch the cookies’ appearance. But maybe that’s changing. The 2019 Valentine’s Day edition, “Love, Oreos,” puts a Conversation Hearts-like twist on the cookies, offering messages like “Dunk In Love” and “Let’s Twist” printed directly on the treats; and now, we’ve got these Easter egg-shaped snacks (probably) waiting in the wings. In the past, the most we’ve gotten is a slight change in shape — for example, football-shaped Oreos were a thing once — but with these two options, we’ve actually got a number of different designs, all in a single pack.

I dig it, is what I’m saying.

In any event, both Candy Hunting and Markie Devo have stated that Easter Egg Oreos are hitting shelves for the 2019 spring season; indeed, Markie Devo thinks their date of arrival might be as early as immediately post-Valentine’s Day. Beyond that, though, we’ll all just have to keep our ears to the ground and our eyes open to see if and when they arrive.

Stay tuned for more!