Twitter Loves This Adorable Cameo In ‘Queer Eye’ Star Jonathan Van Ness' Yoga Video

Vivien Killilea/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Of course Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness is known for his talents as a stylist, amazing yoga videos, and being all-around fabulous. But it seems such effortless style and grace run in the family. Queer Eye's Van Ness' new yoga video even includes a surprise cameo by his cat. Fans on Twitter are freaking out over the cat's presence. Given its owner, it's no wonder this cat is a natural star.

JVN's yoga moves in the 30-second video are super impressive. He effortlessly does a handstand and moves his legs in the air while he's at it. About halfway through, his cat strolls in and is totally unimpressed and unfazed by the action, continuing to walk on by. Looks like there may only be one yoga enthusiast in this house.

Van Ness, who's all about living positively and with self-care, has preached the power of yoga for quite some time. In fact, back in January, Van Ness owed his Queer Eye role to yoga. "Auditioning was a nerve-wracking; I called upon everything I had learned in yoga about how to be uncomfortable... Learning to sit in discomfort and keep breathing is always key," he told LA Yoga. He's also talked about practicing yoga daily, and his addiction is so real that his cat is totally used to it by now.

Safe to say fans have found themselves a new Fab Five member to fangirl over. Is there yoga even happening in this video?

This cat has the style, personality, and attitude to make for the perfect Fab Five addition, and fans are noticing.

Or maybe the cat is the yoga aficionado after all...

When speaking with LA Yoga, Van Ness said he'd started yoga at age 19 and became instantly obsessed. "I didn’t miss a day of class for my first year. As a way to channel all of my physical energy, I practiced daily," he explained to the publication. Even experienced yogis would be super impressed by Van Ness' routine. "My usual daily yoga session involves a version of the warm-up part of an Ashtanga Primary Series. Three sets of Sun Salutation A, three sets of Sun B, some standing poses, twists, bridge, and of course, always savasana (final relaxation). Even when I’m busy, I practice," he said.

Of course feeling fabulous comes from looking great on the outside, but Van Ness is also adamant about taking care of mental health. In an April interview with GQ, Van Ness discussed taking care of the brain. "So much of our lives and what we experience as emotions is chemicals in our brain... We don’t know how powerful we are," he said. In true JVS form, he also offered up some tips. "If you’re really, really busy and you just do not have any time for yourself, if you just turn your phone off and go away from everyone — whether it’s mindfulness practice or just breathing," he said.

From taking care of ourselves, inside and out, Van Ness' advice and point of view is definitely inspiring. As shown on Queer Eye, he encourages people to take pride in grooming and self-care, and aims to deconstruct stigmas around men who practice that. "In our culture, it's very much taught that women are supposed to be pretty... But for men, if you are into self-care, if you're into grooming, you're like a 'diva' or you're 'primping,'" he recently told Bustle. "I really wanted to break that down, because there's a difference between self-care and vanity."

His videos prove that Van Ness walks the walk in talking care of himself and being the best possible version of himself that he can. Obviously, his cat has learned from the best.