'Scandal' Finally Revealed The Particulars Of Quinn's Fate

Eric McCandless/ABC

It basically went without saying that Scandal's final season was going to be explosive, but who could have been prepared for what the second half of Season 7 would hold? Last week, the gladiators mourned Quinn's death, and if you had your doubts about it like a lot of fans did, prepare to feel vindicated. Quinn's fate was revealed on Scandal, and it was completely unexpected. Spoilers!

When Scandal came back after hiatus, it was heartbreaking to find out that Rowan had, in fact, killed Quinn while holding her hostage after Olivia didn't take his bait. But even so, it seemed a bit fishy that she was dead and that was all there was to it. This week, we got to find out what happened to Quinn while she was being held in Rowan's basement, and it was exactly the kind of plot twist Scandal is best at.

At first, Rowan told her that she'd be out within 24 hours, since he was that confident that Olivia would fall for his plan... but as we all know from the winter finale, that's the opposite of what happened. Remember that gun shot we all heard? That was Rowan, shooting beside Quinn as he told her to keep quiet, just so that Olivia would believe that she was dead... and what followed was the opposite of what last week's episode would have fans believe.

After Olivia left, Rowan — who, by the way, has never been 100 percent evil — invited Quinn upstairs for some water, where she went into labor. So this man (the same one we all thought was responsible for killing her, like, five minutes ago) found her a doctor who owed him a favor, and made sure that the baby was safely delivered. By the time Quinn woke up, she and her baby were healthy and all set up with everything they could ever need in Olivia's childhood bedroom. And, more importantly, they were both alive, which seemed impossible last week.

And really, Rowan summed up almost every character on Scandal when he said, "We're all good people when someone gives us a chance to be."

Well, until you realize that he killed one of his oldest, closest friends — from the military, y'all — so that he'd have some kind of dead body to present to Olivia and the rest of the crew. And that he'd stocked enough dinosaur themed clothing to keep them hidden until the baby hits kindergarten , which means he's planning on keeping Quinn and her new daughter hostage for the foreseeable future.

Oh, and in case all of this wasn't disturbing enough for you, please feast your eyes on this ever so slightly upsetting photo straight from the Scandal set, featuring Quinn's "baby" straight out of delivery:

Try not having nightmares after that photo.

On the upside, it's nice to finally have an answer about Quinn's fate... and to know that the baby Charlie found upstairs in Rowan's house last week was, in fact, his kid. But then again, this answer just raises so many more questions. How long is it going to take for Olivia to realize that Quinn is still alive and well, and how is she going to react when she finds out her dear friend isn't actually dead? Will Quinn ever get to escape Rowan and marry Charlie? Should we expect a spinoff featuring Quinn and Rowan's wacky adventures together?

Fingers crossed that all will be revealed in the next few episodes. After all, Scandal's days are numbered, so if we're ever going to get answers, now is the time.