Rachel Gave Raven A Note On 'The Bachelor', But What Does It Say?!


I know that we are supposed to be watching The Bachelor to see a love story unfold between Nick Viall and whoever he chooses at the end, but there was actually another love story happening before our eyes. I'm talking about the strong bond between Raven Gates and Rachel Lindsay. On Monday night's episode, the soon-to-be Bachelorette left the show and when she did, Rachel gave Raven a note, but what was it? And did you see how long their hug was before she left the show? I was feeling the love through the TV screen and I felt like it killed Rachel to say goodbye to Raven more than it did to leave Nick behind.

I searched and refreshed Google, Twitter, and Instagram looking for some sort of explanation. I paused the episode, rewound it, watched it again, and kept hoping that part of the paper was unfolded so I could zoom in and read what Rachel wrote. Unfortunately, none of my diligence paid off. I still have no idea what Rachel told Raven, but Raven did comment on the note herself and it gives a hint at what it might say. I have a strong feeling that it had something to do with wanting to be best friends and not letting their interest in the same dude get in the way of that. (ABC had no comment when asked for comment on the note.)

If you watch each episode (multiple times like I do), you can see that Rachel and Raven are always giving each other attention and encouragement. This is the love story that has been happening all along. It's a love story based on best friendship, but it's a love story nonetheless.

Sadly, Raven did not share the contents of the note, but she did response to a Twitter user curious about the note that Rachel is "the greatest friend there is":

Raven has made that pretty clear over the past couple weeks. No one was more excited than Raven when Rachel was announced as the Bachelorette. She retweeted pretty much every post about it and even wrote a heartfelt response of her own.

Raven wrote on Instagram,

"There's a reason why we call her BIG RACH! SHE DOES BIG THINGS!!! @therachlindsay My day one, my soul friend, my person!! not only is she making history by being the first African American female to have a bachelor/ette lead BUT she is MORE than that!!"

See what I mean? Clearly best friends.

Raven continued,

"To list all of her attributes and qualities that I love would be too long to type. America will soon find out that She IS laughter. She IS friendship. And she IS LOVE. I am ALWAYS in your corner Rach! I love you so much!! now go show America what they've been missing!!!! & bring home the Love of your Life!!!!!! #thebachelorette @bacheloretteabc @bachelorabc."

This isn't a one-sided thing. Rachel has Raven's back, as well, and she's made it known on social media.

In my eyes, Rachel handing Raven that piece of paper was her way of giving Raven the final rose to be her best friend. Although, it is very clear that pretty much everyone in the cast is obsessed with Rachel. Well, she did have a super brief, one arm hug with Vanessa, which signaled some tension to me, but I may be a conspiracy theorist when it comes to that one.

I don't really care what Raven has to say about Nick on After the Final Rose next week. I just want to know what's up with her and Rachel. I would like a close-up of the note with a Rachel voiceover to narrate it. Unfortunately, I'm not running things on this show, but I'm sure that the viewers would agree: If we are going to ship any two people from this season it should be Rachel and Raven for being BFF's.