This 'Bachelorette' Surprise Has Already Been Revealed


The lead up to Rachel Lindsay's huge Bachelorette premiere is getting more and more exciting by the day. In an recent interview with Ellen, we've even learned that Bachelorette Rachel has already kissed a contestant, and he seems to be head over heels after locking lips with the 31-year-old attorney.

On March 23, Rachel took six of the contestants from the upcoming season, which is currently filming, on what was basically a group date to the daytime talk show. Fred, Alex, Jonathan, Brian, Will, and Peter certainly did not disappoint, strutting their stuff for the audience with a shirtless dance and showcasing their knowledge of Lindsay's life during a game dedicated strictly to her.

Prior to introducing the guys to the audience, Rachel revealed some juicy details about the show, explaining that she shared a smooch with one of the 30 or so men that currently reside in the Bachelorette abode. She totally played it coy when Ellen tried to learn the name of the lucky guy. However, that didn't stop the culprit from proudly spilling the beans later in front of thousands of fans.

“She’s a great kisser,” Brian confidently revealed when Ellen questioned the guys about their thoughts on Rachel puckering up with a contestant. It certainly appears that he's got his head in the game, craftily teasing the other guys about his romantic moment with the newest Bachelorette.

So with that bit of tea now spilled, it sounds like things are off to a pretty good start for the Texas native, especially given the fact that the reality dating game has only been filming for one week. Now, my only hope is that Rachel can manage to remember all of the names of her hopeful suitors because, as she explained to Ellen, she's sometimes has a hard time keeping up with who's who when it comes to names:

"I am not good with names at all, but I'm trying to make an effort. I appreciate that these guys are here for me and I'm grateful, so I say their names three times in my head over, and over, and over again before I meet them."

The early reveal is atypical of the ABC dating game; the identities of contestants are usually kept quiet until a few weeks prior to the season premiere, which is set to air May 22. However, earlier this month, four of the gentlemen where revealed during a special Bachelor: After the Final Rose and now, thanks to the Ellen interview, we've been able to get familiar with six more of the lucky guys vying to win Rachel's heart.

When asked if she already has her sights set on a potential love connection in the house, Rachel gushed about the upcoming season,

"I have an amazing group of men, I see a lot of potential, and I’m really excited to see where this goes. I feel good!”

I don't know about you guys, but this sounds like it's gearing up to be a pretty exciting season, and I can't wait to tune in.