'The Bachelorette' Moment You've Been Waiting For Is Here


The moment Bachelorette fans have been waiting for all season is finally here. On Tuesday night's episode, Rachel finally sent Lee home from The Bachelorette — but not without just a little bit of drama. When the show left off on Monday night, he and Kenny were locked in a rough two-on-one date where Rachel had to make the decision to send one of them home, and, after her conversations with them both, it was a little fuzzy what the outcome would be. But now, there's no doubt about it — Lee is gone, and Rachel made sure her feelings toward him were known before he left.

In no uncertain terms, Rachel let Lee know that she does not trust him and did not believe anything he was telling her when it came to his version of the Kenny feud story, essentially shutting him down. And the fact that she told him to hit the road was only more satisfying when he told her, "That's OK, sweetheart," in the most condescending tone ever.

And after she headed back to the helicopter, Kenny couldn't help but share a few biting last words with Lee.. and it seems like neither he nor Rachel will miss him.

Of course, as every week passed, it seemed more and more obvious that it wasn't a matter of if Lee was going home, but when. Between his condescending tone and the fact that he was constantly antagonizing the other men in the mansion, he clearly wasn't the right fit for Rachel, and it's great that she finally realized it for herself.

Now, onto more important things, like giving Kenny the screen time he deserves without it being all about battling Lee.