Rachel’s 'Bachelor' Co-Stars Appear On 'The Bachelorette' Like The True Friends That They Are — VIDEO

Michael Yada/ABC

Well, what do you know? The beloved reality TV adage “I’m not here to make friends” does not apply to Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor. On Friday, E! Online shared a sneak peek of The Bachelorette premiere that — and I don’t say this often when speaking about this franchise — soothed my soul. In the clip, Rachel Lindsay meets with some familiar Bachelor Nation faces and picks their brains about the experience. But rather than ask former Bachelorettes to break down what it was like to be the person handing out roses (à la JoJo Fletcher’s season), she opted to chat with some fellow Bachelor Season 21 alumni who also happen to be her pals. The result is a delight. What can I say? I’m a sucker for friendship.

Lindsay is joined by Alexis “Shark/Dolphin Costume” Waters, Jasmine Goode, Raven Gates, Astrid Loch, Kristina Schulman, Whitney Fransway, and Corinne Olympios. Yes, Queen Corn is back, and no, she did not snooze through the caucus. The cheese pasta connoisseur was there to support her bud, not deliver another iconic monologue about sleep.

“I was lucky to come out of Nick’s season with amazing friends,” Lindsay tells us in a talking head. “They know exactly what I went through, they know what it’s like to go through this process, so their advice to me is crucial going into tonight.”

Would ya look at these buddies being buddies?

Lots of great pearls of wisdom, but Waters’ advice really takes the chum, er, cake.