Ramona Singer's 'RHONY’ Taglines From All 10 Seasons, Ranked

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Not everyone is cut out to be a Real Housewife, but Ramona Singer has been a full-time cast member on Real Housewives of New York City for all 10 seasons. This means that she's blessed fans with a lot of great taglines, but which Ramona Singer tagline ranks as her best one yet? Of course, this is a subjective question, but most RHONY viewers can agree that not all taglines are created equal.

Longtime fans understand that a Real Housewife's tagline is indicative of her major storylines that season and really sets the tone for what to expect. Looking back at an OG cast member's taglines is a great way to see how far they've come and what they went through during each season on the show.

Ramona is known for saying whatever is on her mind without a filter, so of course, she's really going to "go there" when it comes to her tagline every season. With that said, they can't all be equally amazing. Some have to be better than others.

As an OG New York cast member, Ramona and her taglines will always be viewed as iconic, but which one is her best one so far? Here's a ranking of how her taglines stack up against each other.

Seasons 1-3: "I Like Making My Own Money. I Find That An Aphrodisiac."

Weirdly enough Ramona had this tagline for not one, but three seasons of Real Housewives of New York City. The declaration of "I like making my own money, I find that an aphrodisiac" is such a quintessential statement for the proud businesswoman. Nevertheless, she blessed the fandom with even better gems in the coming years. This tagline was a great start, but it was far from her very best one.

Season 6: "Get The Pinot Ready Because It's Turtle Time."

Drunk Ramona refers to her turn up moments as "Turtle Time," so of course the phrase was bound to make it into one of her taglines. Not only that, but Ramona is infamous for requesting Pinot Grigio as her drink of choice. This tagline combines two of Ramona's favorite things and was a definite winner. Could it be a little more clever? Yes, but it worked in the moment.

Season 5: "I'm Not Afraid To Say What Everyone Else Is Thinking"

No one can disagree with this tagline. If anyone is "not afraid to say what everyone else is thinking," it's Ramona Singer. The Housewife has never held back when it comes to sharing her opinions and that is why she has been on this show for all 10 seasons.

Season 8: "Like A Fine Wine, I Just Get Better With Time"

Longtime viewers are well-aware that Ramona loves two things: wine and looking youthful. That's why combining those two loves makes an ideal tagline: "Like A fine wine, I just get better with time." It also almost rhymes, which makes it even catchier.

Season 4: "If People Can't Handle The Truth, It's Really Not My Problem"

Ramona does not hold back. She never has and she never will. Not only that, but she doesn't ever seem to fear the consequences of sharing her opinion. Some people act like they don't care what others think, but Ramona really doesn't. It makes perfect sense for her to declare, "If people can't handle the truth, it's really not my problem."

Season 7: "I Know I'm A Piece Of Work, But Now I'm A Work In Progress"

Now this is a great tagline. First of all, it just flows. It combines two common phrases and is just so effortless to say. Not only that, but it is also indicative of Ramona's constant declarations of self-improvement that she has referred to as "new beginnings" among other descriptors. It's a clever tagline and it is applicable to her persona. Absolutely on point.

Season 10: "Age Is An Issue Of Mind Over Matter: If You Don't Mind, It Doesn't Matter!"

Ramona is 61 years old, and her 60th birthday was a major moment on the show. Ramona is all about high energy and youthfulness. Plus, she does have a skincare line called Ageless by Ramona in the works, so this tagline can be viewed as promotional, as well.

Season 9: "I'm An Acquired Taste. If You Don't Like Me, Acquire Some Taste."

Ramona has had some amazing lines throughout the years, but her Season 9 tagline was the absolute best. Ramona declared, "I'm an acquired taste. You don't like me? Acquire some taste!" This is just peak Ramona. She's unapologetic about who she is and she feels like anyone who doesn't love it is in the wrong. Plus, this one is just perfectly worded. This is definitely her best tagline to date.

It is tough to imagine Real Housewives of New York City without Ramona and her infamous one-liners. She always has a tagline that is on the mark, funny, and just so Ramona for the viewers to laugh at and appreciate. What will she say next?