Random Sh*t On Amazon That Seriously Makes Life Easier


Nobody ever said life is easy. But by ordering a few of these brilliant products on Amazon that make life easier, your day-to-day tasks can become a little less frustrating, at least.

Though these awesome products on Amazon can't eliminate traffic or do your grocery shopping for you, they can help with the mundane stresses and unnecessary hassles you encounter throughout the day. For example, how about a strainer that clips on to your pot so you don't have to dirty a separate colander? Or instead of never being able to find your keys in the abyss that is your purse, you can buy this handy felt purse organizer, featured below. There are even products that help with problems you didn't realize had solutions — like a weighted eye mask that can help encourage better sleep, or an attractive magnetic spice rack that attaches directly onto your fridge. The best part is, all of these products are pretty affordable, so saving yourself time (and frustration) doesn't have to break the bank.

So when the world rears its ugly head and tries to bring you down, never fear: there are tons of genius products on Amazon that make life easier — you just have to know where to look!


This Strainer That Clips Onto The Side Of Your Pots And Pans

Whereas traditional strainers take up a lot of space in your cabinets, the clip-on strainer's compact size makes it great for kitchens that don't boast a lot of storage space. TIt snaps onto the edges of most pots, pans, and bowls so that you can strain your ingredients without having to dirty a separate colander, and the heat-resistant, BPA-free silicone design is exceptionally durable against wear and tear.


A Slotted Ladle That Doubles As A Colander

The OTOTO Nessie colander spoon makes it easy to strain individual servings of pasta, vegetables, poached eggs, and more. Unlike other ladles, this one has feet so that it can sit upright on your countertop by itself (or even inside your pot). It's BPA-free and made of durable nylon, with one reviewer calling it "the best colander spoon ever made."


This Spice Rack That Can Attach To Your Fridge

Perfect for small, cramped kitchens, the YAMAZAKI Home magnetic spice rack can attach to any metal surface, and is particularly great for maximizing the available space on the side of your fridge. There's a non-slip rubber mat on the bottom of the shelf that helps keep your spices, herbs, and condiments secure, and it holds up to 3.3 pounds.


These Foldable Trivets To Keep Hot Pots And Pans Off Surfaces

Trivets can come in awkward shapes that take up a lot of room in your kitchen, whereas the TENTA Kitchen foldable trivets collapse down so that they're easy to store. Each one is made with food-safe silicone that's resistant to high temperatures, and they won't scratch your cookware or surfaces since the silicone construction is so soft. You can also use them to prop up your cell phone as you cook!


This Dashboard Cell Phone Mount That Requires Zero Adhesives

Able to cling directly to the dashboard of any car, this cell phone mount can also be used to hold coins, keys, and other small accessories while you drive. It's temperature-resistant, so you won't have to worry about it losing its stickiness in the heat, and in the event it ever does become less effective at gripping items, simply clean it with soap and water to renew its sticking power.


A Trash Bag Holder That Hangs Off The Top Of Nearly Any Door

All you have to do is hang the Lunies hanging trash bag holder off any door or drawer in your home, and you'll instantly have an easy-to-reach trashcan that's great for small kitchens, RVs, or preparing meals away from the trash can. This bag holder is specially designed to use with the free plastic bags you get at supermarkets, so you don't have to buy separate grocery bags — which helps cut down on money and waste.


A Travel Organizer That Attaches To The Handle On Your Suitcase

Made from heavy-duty nylon that's resistant to tears, this travel bag bungee organizer makes it easy to store your keys, phone, passport, money, and more, all within arm's reach. Just think of how many times you could've avoided having to dig through your carry-on, trying to find your boarding pass while you stand in line at the gate.


A Weighted Eye Mask That's Helps You Drift Peacefully Off To Sleep

Unlike other sleeping masks that let in cracks of outside light, the Nodpod weighted sleep mask is filled with hundreds of microbeads that contour to your face so that there are zero nooks or crannies where light can leak through. This sleeping mask is also weighted which helps relieve pain from headaches, stress, insomnia, and eye strain, and the head strap is adjustable, so you can determine how tight or loose the fit is.


This Felt Purse Insert To Keep Your Bag Organized

If you're tired of having to dig through your purse anytime you're looking for a pen, money, or your keys, try organizing your bag with this handy purse organizer insert. It's made from soft felt that won't warp the shape of your bag, and with eight interior (and three exterior) pockets, it's easy to give your wallet, keys, phone, and other items their own designated slot.


An Ironing Board That Saves You Precious Storage Space

If there's simply no room for a large, bulky ironing board in your home, the Household Essentials over-the-door ironing board is for you. It has a built-in iron hook at the top that allows you to store it behind almost any door, and the support feet work to stabilize the board as you work. Everything you need to hang this ironing board is included with your order, and there are rubber tips on the bottom of the "feet" to prevent any accidental scratches.


This Spray That Helps You De-Stress After A Long, Hard Day

Sometimes it can be difficult to wind down at home when your day's been extra-stressful, which is when you should use Bach's rescue remedy spray to help calm your mind. This vegan, gluten-free, and non-habit forming spray uses a blend of rock rose, impatiens, clematis, and cherry plum flowers to help you de-stress after a hard day. It's also great for stressful situations like traveling or flying.


This Makeup Organizer That Holds Bottles, Brushes, And More

Unlike other makeup organizers that only fit some bottles or some of your brushes, this one is spacious enough to hold 60 brushes, 30 skin care products, as well as makeup, nail polish, and more. This organizer rotates a full 360 degrees so that it's easy to access your items no matter where they're stored, plus, it's tall enough to fit hair products and other tall bottles.


An Armband That Holds Your Smartphone While You Exercise

Designed to hold smartphones including the iPhone 8 Plus, Galaxy S10 Plus, and more, this armband sets itself apart from other comparable products by allowing you to rotate your phone up to 180 degrees so you can reach the ideal viewing angle, even with it attached to your bicep. This band is adjustable so that folks of all sizes can use it comfortably, and the breathable lycra and neoprene construction is soft, lightweight, and odor-resistant.


This Handy Tool That Lets You Stack Mugs For Easy Storage

Everybody has that one cabinet where all their mugs are haphazardly stacked, so organize your space with these coffee mug organizers instead. They allow you to safely stack your mugs on top of each other, and they work for mugs of most shapes and sizes. Plus, they double as coasters.


A Microwave Plate Cover That Stores Easily

Unlike other plate covers that take up space in your kitchen drawers or cabinets, this one has built-in magnets on the top that allow you to attach it to the roof of your microwave for easy and convenient storage. The food-grade plastic construction is completely BPA-free, and one Amazon reviewer noted how it handles "the highest power setting for extended periods of time" when cooking inside her microwave.


These Gloves That Clean Practically Anything With Just Water

Whether it's dirt, grime, dust, or spilled juice, the Nano Towels nano glove can clean it up using just water — no harsh cleaning chemicals required. Made with plush microfiber that latches onto dirt and leaves behind no residue, these gloves help you save money (and waste) since they replace paper towels. Each glove lasts for up to three years, or 400 washes.


This Whisk With A Built-In Scraper To Get Every Last Drop of Batter

Unlike traditional whisks that you can only use for mixing, this two-in-one version goes the extra mile by adding a built-in scraper that helps you get every last drop of batter out of the bowl. The scraper is made from flexible silicone that contours to the shape of the bowl as you work, and the non-slip handle is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hands.


These Slots That Reduces The Space Your Shoes Take Up

Ever get tired of how much precious storage space your shoes take up in your closet? Then try using these shoe slots. Not only are they made from high-quality, non-slip ABS plastic, but they halve the space that your shoe collection takes up by letting you stack each second shoe on top of the first. There are four different heights to choose from when adjusting them, which make these slots compatible with all types of shoes (including heels and pumps). They're also very easy to clean.


This Antibacterial Body Brush That Exfoliates Away Dead Skin

Made from high-quality, BPA-free silicone, this body exfoliator sets itself apart from other body brushes by being completely antibacterial, so you won't have to worry about any mold, mildew, or bacteria building up. The extra-long handle makes it easy to reach those awkward areas on your back, and it's anti-slip so that even when wet, it's easy to maintain control as you scrub.


This Pocket Multitool Made From Durable Stainless Steel

Made with durable aluminum as well as rust-resistant stainless steel, this handy pocket tool combines five convenient tools into one: an LED light, outdoor knife, Phillips screwdriver, flathead screwdriver, and a smaller-sized flathead screwdriver. This tool is small enough to fit easily into your pocket, and the built-in locking system prevents it from springing open while in transit or storage.


A Pack Of Pads That Prevent Underarm Stains On Your Clothes

These genius underarm pads help prevent sweat from transferring from your armpits to your clothing, keeping them stain-free and clean. Hypoallergenic as well as non-scented, these pads are incredibly lightweight and almost invisible underneath your clothes. One Amazon reviewer said they used them at a wedding and stayed "sweat-free for the entire day!"


A Balm That Prevents Uncomfortable Blisters And Chafing

Whether you're running, biking, hiking, swimming, or just walking around in hot weather, this anti-chafe balm will keep your skin safe from blisters and uncomfortable chafing as you move. Unlike other anti-chafe balms that leave behind an oily residue, this one goes on silky-smooth and clear. The coolest part is, this brand donates a portion of proceeds to a summer camp for kids and adults with disabilities named Camp Jabberwocky.


A Tool That Helps Combat Persistent Bad Breath

Sometimes your mouth just doesn't feel clean no matter how much you floss and brush. On days like that, try using a tongue scraper to give yourself a deeper clean. There are four cleansing edges built into this scraper that help you reach every square inch of your tongue, and the legs are flexible to fit mouths of all shapes and sizes.


An Eyeglass Accessory That Keep Your Glasses Secure To Your Head

Made from high-quality silicone that's soft to the touch, these anti-slip tips help keep your eyeglasses securely on your head without sliding off, even while you move! They're easy to install since they simply slide over the temples of your glasses, and unlike other similar products, they won't leave your ears or head feeling sore after a few hours.


A Handy Accessory That Helps Preserve Your Charging Cables

Not only can you use it to protect the connection between your lightning cable and plug, but you can also use this cable saver on practically all types of cell phone and computer cables, including micro-USBs. You can even put it on your headphones to help prevent damage to the wires, and since it helps extend the life of your cables, you'll be saving money over time.


A Pair Of Cut-Resistant Gloves Made For Kids Up To 12

Do your kids want to help out in the kitchen, but you're afraid of them hurting themselves handling sharp knives? These NoCry cut-resistant gloves are your answer, as they're designed to fit kids from four years old all the way up to 12. The flexible material makes it easy for kids to get a firm grip on whatever they're handling, making these gloves great for cooking, fishing, sewing, and more.


This Toilet Plunger That Powers Through Tough Clogs

With four "suckers" of varying sizes that allow you to unclog toilets, sinks, bathtubs, showers, and drains, the DoubleFly toilet blaster combines a plunger with a high-pressure air blaster that powers through blockages from hair, cloth, grease, oil, and more. The suction heads are made from durable rubber that won't crack through repeated use, and one Amazon reviewer raved that it only took a few "blasts" with this tool to clear a clogged drain after chemical cleaners had failed!


A Brush Designed To Gently Detangle Knots From Your Hair

With 428 bristles of varying heights, the Michel Mercier detangling hairbrush gentle separates each strand of hair so that knots come undone gently, leaving you with a pain-free brushing experience. Designed for all types of hair (including thick), this brush works great on both adults as well as children.


A Vegetable Peeler That Doubles As A Knife Sharpener

Not only does this handy kitchen tool work as a stainless steel fruit and vegetable peeler, but it also doubles as a knife sharpener. It uses a built-in two-stage system, with one steel tungsten blade that sharpens, and a second ceramic side that further hones the blade. The handle is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand as you work, and it's also non-slip for added safety.


This High-Tech Take On The Standard Lint Remover

Unlike other shavers that wind up pulling at your fabric because the blades aren't sharp enough, this lint remover is made with stainless steel rotary blades that easily remove fluff, fuzz, pill, bobbles, and lint from all types of clothing and fabrics. You can use it on your furniture as well as your clothes, and since it's powered using two AA batteries, you'll never have to worry about recharging it.


A Panini Maker That You Can Use On Top Of Your Stove

Owning an entire panini press requires a good amount of storage space in your kitchen, whereas the BulbHead grilled panini maker not only takes up less room, but can also be used over your stove for added convenience. The aluminum induction plates help distribute heat evenly as your food cooks, and the copper-infused ceramic cooking surface is non-stick, as well as resistant to scratches.


These TSA-Approved Cosmetic Jars For Travel

Not only are they approved for use by the TSA, but these cute little travel containers are also made from high-quality food-grade silicone that won't latch onto odors or residues, making them easy to empty, clean, and refill over and over again. The hard plastic sleeve helps these containers maintain their shape while in transit, and they're also leakproof, so you don't have to worry about them breaking open inside your luggage.


A Pack Of Bed Fasteners To Keep Your Fitted Sheet Secure

Made from premium-quality nylon that's resistant to tears, these brilliant bedsheet fasteners help keep your sheets from moving around or coming undone while you sleep. Each fastener is adjustable so that you can determine how loose or tight you want your sheets to feel against the mattress, and they won't damage your linens, either.


These Pot Holders Made From Heat-Resistant Silicone

Not only are these silicone pot holders heat-resistant, but they're non-skid and resistant to both stains and odors, too. They're also durable and flexible so you can easily grip hot plates right out of the microwave or oven, and the grooved ridges on each one ensure you have a firm grip on whatever it is you're handling.


A Pair Of Hypoallergenic Pasties That You Can Keep Reusing

Made from 100 percent hypoallergenic silicone, the Pinky Petals women's nipple pasties set themselves apart from others by being completely reusable as well as super lightweight. They allow you to wear backless or strappy shirts without fear of a cold breeze wafting through, and unlike competing pasties, the matte finish won't show through your clothes if someone takes a photo with the flash on.


These Bathroom Squat Stools To Improve Toilet-Comfort

Not only can you stack these bathroom squat stools on top of each other for better intestinal positioning on the toilet, but the elevated heel design makes it easier to maintain that squatting position without any discomfort. Unlike other toilet stools, these consist of two separate pieces that can be moved around depending on what feels most comfortable for you, and it also makes them easier to store.


A Spacious Cosmetics Bag That's Perfect For Traveling

Instead of haphazardly dumping all your makeup directly into your suitcase, keep things organized with the Casper and Coal travel cosmetic bag. It can hold bottles, brushes, palettes, and more, and the drawstring design makes it easy to store and close — even when overloaded. Made from high-quality canvas and nylon, this tear-resistant bag has three elastic bands that help keep your products in place.


This Pill Box That Folds Down For Compact Storage

Made from 100 percent food-grade and BPA-free plastic, this foldable pill box is perfect for on the go use and travel. There are seven large normal-sized slots, as well as six smaller ones, and there's even one big partition where you can keep vitamins. For added safety, the built-in magnets ensure the box won't pop open unless you open it yourself.


A Pack Of Cable Clips That Help Organize Your Wires

As someone who's mildly passionate about electronics, I don't like seeing my cables in a wadded-up mess — so why not use the Bluelounge cable clips to keep them organized? These clips keep your cables and wires neatly wrapped while in use or in storage, and they're also great for packing cords when you're traveling.


These Pens That Whiten Your Teeth While Fighting Tooth Decay

Not only are they great for whitening your teeth, but the Smilebriter Teeth Whitener gel pens are also made without any GMOs, gluten, or artificial flavors. Rather than using any harsh chemicals, these pens contain xylitol (a tooth-friendly sugar alcohol) which aids in fighting tooth decay. They've also added in peppermint oil to help leave your breath smelling fresh after each use.


A Set Of Air Purifying Bags To Remove Odors And Allergens

Whereas aerosols and sprays often contain harsh chemicals, these air purifying bags are made with natural, activated coconut shell charcoal that absorbs moisture, allergens, and even unpleasant odors. The small, compact size makes it a discreet option if you're looking to freshen up smaller spaces (like cars, closets, lockers, and gym bags), and in the event they ever lose their deodorizing power, simply "recharge" them by leaving them in sunlight for up to four hours.


This Vacuum Cleaner Designed For Your Computer

Traditional vacuum cleaners can be a little too aggressive to use around your computer, so try using this mini vacuum cleaner instead. It's completely cordless, so it's easy to maneuver around your keyboard and desk, and since it takes two AA batteries, you'll never have to worry about recharging it. It also runs very quietly, so you won't disturb your neighbors at work.


An Organizer That Conveniently Hangs In Your Closet

Great for storing clothes, shoes, and accessor hanging closet organizer is not only great for clothes, shoes, accessories, this hanging closet organizer comes with six deep shelves and five drawers (three large, two small). It's made from high-quality polyester canvas that's durable and thick, so you won't have to worry about any accidental tears. Plus the collapsible design makes it easy to store when not being used.


This Microfiber Duster That Extends To Reach Those Awkward Spots

Ever turn on a fan just to send dust flying everywhere? With this microfiber duster, not anymore. Though it's lightweight, it expands out to 54 inches to reach those awkward spots on your fans, ceiling, and shelves, plus, the microfiber duster head is resistant to static and leaves no lint behind. As an added bonus, this one even has an easy-grip handle so that your hands can grip it comfortably while you work.

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