Fans Are Begging For The Rapper At The Closing Ceremony To Collab With Nicki Minaj

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At the 2018 Winter Olympics closing ceremony, viewers can expect to see a performance from CL. If you've never heard of her before, one thing that might get you interested is knowing how rapper CL and Nicki Minaj are connected. Yes, they are both talented and successful rappers — and fans are rooting for them to collaborate in the future.

It's unclear exactly when or how they met, but there's a chance it was in September 2013. As All K-Pop points out, Minaj and CL attended Jeremy Scott's fashion show in New York City. They both sat in the front row (as you can see below), so maybe they became friends or acquaintances there. Scott spoke with CNN in January 2017 about CL, who apparently is his good friend. "I go around the world, I've seen her fans in Chile, in Brazil, obviously all through Europe," the fashion designer said. "I mean she's not just a Korean or an Asian phenomenon, she really is a global superstar."

The last time a photo of the rappers surfaced was in November 2017. Minaj and CL attended the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards, where they took a fun picture together. It appears that this photo was originally shared on Alexander Wang's Instagram, and then fans started sharing it and the image of them from 2013 on Twitter. Their supporters seemed excited to see them together. Actually, Minaj even liked two tweets featuring these pictures that were shared on Twitter last November. Like Scott, CNN Style reports that Wang considers CL to be both a friend and a muse.

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Before they were even spotted at any events together, CL, who first became famous with the K-pop girl group 2NE1, covered Minaj's 2010 song "Did It On Em". You can watch her below, and, well, she totally pulls it off. More than once, CL has been compared to Minaj. So much so that Diplo called CL "the Nicki Minaj" of K-pop in a TIME interview. They definitely are both strong rappers, have an amazing stage presence, and have phenomenal dance moves. Maybe they really should join forces?

CL has been trying to break into the American market, so Minaj could possibly help her out with that. In 2014, CL signed with Scooter Braun, who has also worked with Justin Bieber and Usher. While speaking with CNN Style last January, CL opened up about pursuing a career in the states. "I feel like I put so much energy and time into it that I, I'm going to, I have to do it. I think it's also about how you do it and what the message is and who I represent and who I am. So I want to do it right, and that's why it's taking so long."

Well, maybe her closing ceremony performance and a possible collaboration with Minaj will finally give her the push in America that she's been waiting for. Either way, it's something fans really hope happens. They are rooting for Minaj and CL to create an mind-blowing track. As you can see below, fans have been asking them to make beautiful music together for many years.

Seriously, It Needs To Happen

Diplo, Can You Help?

Why Is It Taking So Long?

They Are The Cure The World Needs

"Please please please please please..."

Together, They Are Powerhouses

They would most likely put out a killer track, but until that happens fans will just have to tune into the Olympics closing ceremony on Sunday, Feb. 25 to see CL in action.

On Feb. 21, while speaking at a press conference in PyeongChang about the closing ceremony (via Soompi) CL stayed mum about what her performance will entail. She said about performing, "Rather than explaining it with words, it is best to just show you," she said. The rapper also expressed how overjoyed she is to be performing at such a major event, especially in Korea. "I am so honored to be invited and take the stage at a celebration that the entire world watches, and I think it is more meaningful because it is in Korea." She continued, "I hope everyone will anticipate it and enjoy the performance together."

Who else can't wait to see her perform? Wouldn't it be something if Minaj made a surprise appearance? That probably won't happen, but, hey, fans can dream.