Rarely Do You Find Products This Cheap With So Many Amazing Amazon Reviews

A good product should be three things: Affordable, high-quality, and frequently useful. And, you know, offices could offer four-day work weeks, dogs should live forever, and guac needs to be free of charge everywhere. I dream the impossible dreams, here. However, when it comes to affordable products on Amazon — you can have it all. They're cheap, really good to have around, and backed by a ton of enthusiastic reviewers.

Guac, will, of course always be an extra surcharge — even if it's the kind that's basically all tomato.

However, you can't order mashed avocado on Amazon. What you can order are useful things like a wireless smart home camera to make sure your neighbor isn't, in fact, snatching your recently-ordered DVD of Corky Romano off your porch when you're not home. Or a slow cooker that you can make 6 quarts of queso in and pretend it's for other people when it's really all for you. Or a bar of soap made with mud from the Dead Sea — because if you're like me, you'll slather anything on your face if it promises to make you glow.

And they're all cheap — so you can buy all three (or all of the products on this list). Who's stopping you? Your neighbor? He's busy tonight: DVDs don't tend to watch themselves.


A Wireless Smart Home Camera To Protect Your Space

This smart home camera records up to 12-seconds of video when motion or sound is detected — and uploads that video into the Cloud, so you can protect your home from anyone who shouldn't be inside it. However, you can also use this to chat with friends and family through an app called Wyze — and it's HD-quality, too. It also has night vision and works with Alexa, so you can command it to see if anyone's at your front door (or if your pup is secretly chewing up your shoes).


The Desktop Fan You Can Take Anywhere

If you're always complaining about being hot at work (me), you can do something about it now. This 5-inch, battery-operated portable fan is the perfect size for your desk. It has two speed settings and folds down for easy transport in a carry-on or backpack.


This Set Of Reusable Mesh Bags For Produce And More

Reusable bags are a great way to reduce the use of plastic in your life — and this variety pack of mesh bags is a great starter kit. There's two small, five large, and two extra-large bags that fit everything from snacks to large amounts of produce to your wet bathing suit. The mesh, of course, adds some much-needed breathability, and the pastel tags make them easy to identify. These hold up to 11 pounds of weight, too.


A Slow Cooker That Levels Up Stews, Soups, Dips, And Casseroles

Slow cookers sometimes get a back seat to all the fancy, cook-it-in-three-minutes kitchen gadgets out there — but they're unparalleled when you're looking for a delicious, hearty stew on a cold night. Low and slow is the only way to achieve that, people. This Crock Pot feeds up to seven because it makes 6 quarts of food: and it has a removable, easy-to-clean stoneware interior, two settings, and handles that make this easy to take from the kitchen to the table.


A Wireless Charger — Because The Future Is Now

This wireless charger — which works with newer iPhones and Galaxy Notes — is about as futuristic as it gets before it becomes a Black Mirror episode. Place a phone right on it, and it charges it while providing surge protection and temperature control so your device is not damaged. The LED light will turn on once it detects a device, but doesn't light up the whole time so you can use this while you're sleeping.


The Kitchen Gadget That Was The First Trendsetter

If you've ever been low on countertop space, lived with a ton of roommates, or spent time in an RV, chances are you know the George Foreman grill. It's the first trendy kitchen appliance — and for a good reason. The grill press cooks paninis with ease, makes prepping large amounts of protein a cinch, and creates late-night snacks in no time. However, this is the upgraded version: It pre-heats 35% faster than the original version, and has removable plates for easy clean-up.


An Extender That Boosts The Range Of Your WiFi

Compatible with all routers, this nifty WiFi range extender is easy to use because it lights up if it's a good place to plug it in (generally somewhere between your router and where you lose service at the back of your apartment or on another floor). It has two antennas to really increase range, and one of the 6,000 enthusiastic reviewers of this product wrote: "This extender is a life saver. It took maybe 2 minutes to set up, the hardest part was getting it out of the box! It amplifies the signal perfectly, and I find that it actually makes my wifi faster."


A Lightning Cable That's Extra-Long (And Pink!)

This is one of those simple products you'll wonder why you didn't have already: It's a lightning cable that is 6 feet long and has a sturdy, thick, nylon coating so it won't bend or break over time. If the long reach and the durability don't sell you on this, the cute pastel pink color should.


The Wireless Bluetooth Speaker With A Subwoofer

A Bluetooth speaker is so handy for a number of situations: conference calls at home, music for a party, or a way to blast podcasts while you clean the house. This rose gold version is the best option for the price, because it has a subwoofer for extra-deep bass, lasts up to 12 to 15 hours without needing to recharge, and turns off automatically in 10 minutes once you disconnect it, so it doesn't waste battery life. It can connect to phones, tablets, and computers in three seconds.


This Rotating Charging Station Perfect For A Home Office

With 10 outlets and four USB chargers, this rotating charging station will level up your home office considerably. The 6.5-foot cord is completely retractable — and because it sits vertically, it won't take up much space at your desk. There's also surge protection, overheating protection, and short-circuit protection.


The Miniature Curling Hair Brush You Can Travel With

This tiny little curling iron is small but mighty: It heats up to 390 degrees Fahrenheit in 60 seconds, has the ceramic ionic technology you've come to expect to prevent frizz and breakage, and the nylon bristles create the look only a professional blow dry could previously. The long, cool tip protects any accidental burns, too.


An Expandable, Stackable Organizer To Streamline Your Kitchen

This two-tier bronze shelf expands up to 26 inches (but starts at 13). Place it in your kitchen to organize spices, cups, plates, and more. Or, you can use it underneath your sink to store cleaning products. However you use it, it comes in two parts for easy stacking and reviewers swear you'll "love it."


A 5-Piece Storage Set To Finally Organize Your Junk Drawer

Bamboo's one of those perfect materials — it's eco-friendly, cleans easily with a damp cloth, and looks nice, too. This five-piece set of bamboo storage boxes ranging from extra-small to extra-large (the largest is over 10.5 inches) are the perfect vehicles to clean up a junk drawer. Store paper clips or rubber bands in the smallest box, then throw important papers or takeout menus in the big ones.


A Green Tea And Asian Pear Lotion Fortified With Hemp

Hemp seed oil is rich in fatty acids — meaning it can hydrate, reduce inflammation, and even soothe dermatitis. This hemp moisturizer — which is lightly scented with pear and green tea — keeps skin soft from head to toe without feeling tacky or greasy. Plus, over 800 happy reviewers gave it a perfect, five-star rating.


The Hair Towel That Prevents Frizz

Of all the products I see on Amazon, this little towel is something I constantly recommend to friends — and if you have curly hair, hair prone to frizz, thick hair, or hair that takes a long time to air dry, I'm recommending it to you, too. It's made of soft microfiber that soaks up more water than a traditional cotton towel, but does so more gently and without causing frizz or breakage. It makes my curl pattern significantly smoother, and is stretchy enough to comfortably wrap around your head.


These Mesh Sponges — Because No, You Cannot Have Enough

Come on — just go ahead and throw this eight-pack of sponges in your cart. You know you need it: They exfoliate and lather soap up nicely, they're in fun colors so you can give one to your partner or roommate and know who is using it, and you'll always have one around the moment you need to replace it.


This Acne Treatment That Softens Skin

The main ingredient in this gentle moisturizer is tea tree oil — because it's made to help balance oily skin and clear up blackheads, cystic acne, pimples, and redness. It also includes salicylic acid and zinc (amongst other vegan and cruelty-free ingredients like dandelion root and pomegranate seed oil), but it won't dry skin out. In fact, it really softens and balances it.


A Bar Of Soap Made From Mud

Organic unrefined shea butter and olive oil round out this bar of soap — but the main ingredient is mud from the Dead Sea, which is filled with minerals to provide a soothing, hydrating, exfoliating experience. That experience is also enhanced by therapeutic essential oils like lemongrass and the addition of detoxifying charcoal. A lot of goodness in a tiny bar.


The Konjac Sponge That Is Way Gentler Than It Looks

This little sponge looks like it might clean your cast iron skillet or something — but, nope. It's a soft, charcoal-infused way to deep clean pores and clear up skin. The konjac root is from South Korea, and it plumps up in seconds. One reviewer wrote: "I have had acne for a long time and this process works so well that I have not had one pimple since using this amazing sponge. I highly recommend."


A Caddy That Makes Your Shower Look 5-Star Hotel-Worthy

A shower caddy is a must-have if you have as many shampoo bottles as I do — but this one is the one to buy if you want your shower to look fancy and organized. The four shelves actually slide outward so you can fit that economy-sized conditioner bottle you swear you'll use up one day (nope), and it has hooks for sponges and razors. The suction cups keep it sturdy, and the chrome is rust-resistant.


A Simple Solution For Those Hard-To-Reach Shower Heads

A handheld shower head is great to have — but not so easy to manage if you're short or have issues with mobility. This easy-to-install holder means you can place the shower head exactly where you want it, so you never have to reach for it again. It has a suction cup on the back, but also includes an adhesive disc should you want to put this on a surface that's not easy to stick to. It holds up to 7.5 pounds, so it works with the majority of shower heads.


The Lip Mask Made With Matcha

A mask is a great way to soften dry, chapped lips overnight — because you put it on before you sleep, and it's thicker than a traditional balm. This matcha version combines green tea, coconut oil, and vitamin E to hydrate and soothe. There are a few different flavors, as it does have a slight taste, and comes with a brush for contamination-free application.


A Shower Curtain With Clear Stones In The Lining

There's a big reason you'll want to buy this pretty shower curtain: It has three clear stones on its lining, meaning it weighs it down enough to prevent water from splashing everywhere. It's also made of antibacterial materials, and one reviewer wrote: "I purchased this shower curtain about 8 months ago, and it hasn't developed any signs of mold or mildew. This is especially noteworthy because the window in my shower used to have fungal issues." It comes in a few beautiful colors, too.


A Moisturizer With Just 4 Ingredients

Olive, grape seed, lavender, and almond oil. That's it. That's the ingredient list in this natural moisturizer — and because its so simple, you can use this on dry scalps, dry hair ends, cuticles, weak nails, and heels in addition to all the other places you moisturize. It works great for people with psoriasis, eczema, and acne. Reviewers say it has a light, pleasant scent and really fixes everything from dandruff to redness.


A Rock Meant For Your Feet

Here's a little fun fact: The natural rocks formed by lava, should you ever come across them, can easily and effectively remove the calluses on your feet. And luckily, this one is packaged and ready to go. It features a loop so you can easily keep this in your shower, and it makes a big difference for your at-home pedicures.


A Pair Of Compression Socks For Long Flights

Compression socks are a great find for athletes training for a marathon, workers on their feet all day, or people about to embark on long flights — because it prevents swelling and pain. Trust me on the last one: Wear these socks (which provide mild compression starting right under the knee) on a lengthy plane ride, and your feet will not feel swollen or tired afterwards. They're also snug without feeling tight, and are made out of breathable materials.


This Gel Wrap For Effective Hot Or Cold Therapy

Having a gel wrap around is a cheap way to be prepared for any sore limbs — it can be wrapped around tired wrists, ankles, hands, and feet to provide soothing relief. Throw it in the freezer for cool therapy, but the removable gel pack can also be safely heated in the microwave. If you ever had carpal tunnel or spend a lot of time typing, you're going to want one of these.


The Thermal Socks That Really, Really Work

There's nothing fancy about these thermal socks (they're just really, really good). In fact, they prompted one reviewer to write: "I work outside with the gas company in Chicago. This is the first winter of my 10 years with the company that I'm not thinking in the back of my toes are frozen!!!" They're just super-insulated, have a fuzzy lining, and keep you cold in freezing weather. A must-have, if you ask me.


A Yoga Mat That's Reversible

Okay, maybe all yoga mats are reversible — but this one has a cute pattern on both sides, so it feels a little more special. Besides that aesthetic benefit, choose this mat for it's extra-thick material (that makes for a sturdier session with no slipping around) and a surface that's a little tacky-feeling so you won't fall when you sweat.


The Compression Sleeves That Target Ankle Pain

If you have plantar fasciitis, ankle swelling, achilles tendonitis, or joint paint, these little compression sleeves will provide a lot of relief. The pressure will prevent inflammation and keep blood circulating, and you can wear them with sneakers during any hikes, workouts, or physical activities. One reviewer sums it right up: "I have been suffering with Achilles tendonitis in both ankles. Since wearing these compression sleeves for the past couple of weeks, I am able to take up to 4 mile walks daily."


The Bendy Travel Pillow For Customized Comfort

Filled with memory foam and topped with a removable, breathable cotton cover, this travel pillow bends to your preference. Wrap it around your neck when you're in the middle seat of a plane, make it into an L-shape when you want to lean against the window, or pull it lengthwise and use it as a pillow for your lower back.


A Yoga Towel You Can Use In A Variety Of Ways

This hot yoga towel has a number of uses, and I love a good multi-functional product. Use it as an easy travel mat if you want to practice on the beach or in a hotel, place it on a studio-owned mat for an extra-hygienic layer, add a sturdy layer to any mat that feels slippery, or just use it as a towel to wipe yourself down. It comes in a few fun colors.


A Fleece Heating Pad With 4 Warmth Settings

A fleece, cozy outer layer. Customizable heat. Automatic shut-off protection. This heating pad has all the bells and whistles one would want out of a pad — and you'll want one, because it'll keep you warm and cozy while helping you save on your electric bill. The LED controller has four setting options, and it's 2 feet wide, so it has lots of room.


This Eye Mask That Doubles As Headphones

Nothing says "leave me alone" like a sleeping mask that has headphones inside of it — so it's the perfect find for someone who likes a little ambient noise (but wants to block out the world the moment they hit the pillow). One charge provides about 9 hours of playing time, and it has adjustable Velcro for the best fit.


A Rosewater And Green Tea Facial Spray Duo

A quality facial spray is a necessity for a rounded skincare routine and better makeup application — and this duo from Mario Badescu provides two different benefits. Spray the rosewater version over makeup for a dewy glow that'll last all day. Then, end your night with the cucumber and green tea version — the aloe vera hydrates, the peppermint invigorates, and the green tea boosts antioxidants.


The Essential Oil That Helps You Get A Good Night's Sleep

Put a few drops of this essential oil blend into a diffuser, and the blend of clary sage, copaiba, and lavender will help you lull you into sleep — in addition to the lovely smell. One reviewer wrote: "Great relaxing, mild smell. This is my second order. Definitely recommend!"

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