Rashida Jones Joins 'black-ish' As Bow's Reality Star Sister

by Kayla Hawkins
Kelsey McNeal/ABC

After a few weeks without any new episodes, black-ish returns with a full hour of new episodes and a new character to join the extended ansemble. Rainbow's family gets a little bit bigger when Rashida Jones guest-stars on black-ish as Rainbow's sister, playing against type as an attention-seeking wine thrower who doesn't seem influenced by her hippie upbringing. Bow has nothing in common with her sister, Santamonica, who is an aspiring Real Housewife (here, called "Rich Wives") and a divorcee who cashed out with a major alimony payment. When Santamonica comes to visit, Bow attempts to inspire her to go into a more serious trade.

Of course, as usually happens on black-ish, things don't go as planned, and people are more excited about Santamonica's lifestyle book deal (title: Man-Made Woman: How to Go From a Thirsty Bitch to Marrying a Baller) than they are about Bow's acheivements. Bow struggles with the way her mom claims to love all of her kids equally, and points out that Santamonica, with her flexible schedule, has time to spend on staying connected to her parents, while Bow is far too busy with her own family. As she's fond of mentioning... she's a doctor.

Dre, who's making an attempt of his own to connect with Junior over Game of Thrones, suggests that Bow should get to know Santamonica a little bit better based on her own personality, not what Bow wants her to be like. A selfie-laden trip to lunch doesn't really endear the sisters to one another, but bonding over their mom, with Johan, brings them together. Thhings end the way they usually do on black-ish: with all of the characters laughting and dancing, still total opposites, but with an increased ability to get along.

Sure, it's a bit corny, but Jones does reasonably well in her role, it's always good to see Daveed Diggs and his head of beautiful hair again, especially when he's having his homemade dreamcatcher destroyed. And since Dre's parents are a regular part of the ensemble, giving Bow's family a little attention is a fun move.