A 'Ready Steady Cook' Reboot Is Coming & I'm Backing The Red Tomatoes

by Aoife Hanna
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Guys the '90s called, they want their TV shows back. I mean, real talk, what is going on ATM with the barrage of TV reboots? If it's not Crystal Maze, it's Supermarket Sweep. Why oh why are so many shows being brought back? Erm, because they are awesome. Duh. So the latest show to get another go at TV success is one that definitely filled my youth with amazing recipe ideas, perfectly awkward interactions, and — of course — red tomatoes and green peppers. Yes Ready Steady Cook is coming back and you won't believe who'll be the face of this exciting new version of the hit show.

Well, maybe actually you will believe because this angel is absolutely everywhere these days. The nation's sweetheart, TV presenter extraordinaire, and all round great guy Rylan Clark-Neal.

What? No Ainsley Harriet? Is this a joke? No, sadly it's not a joke but guys, Clark-Neal is a more than worthy replacement. Not only has he proven himself to be an excellent host of multiple TV shows including This Morning, Supermarket Sweep, Big Brother's Bit On The Side, and, of course, on the BBC's Eurovision coverage. And to top all of that off he also made it to the finals of Celebrity Masterchef.

So the man is not only an excellent host but more than familiar with the lay of the land re food television. Which, having worked in it myself, I can assure you is harder than it looks. Clark-Neal spoke to The Sun about the exciting prospect of getting the show back on air, saying:

"I'm so excited that Ready Steady Cook is finally coming back to our screens. To be asked to host such an amazing show for the BBC is such a privilege. After making the finals of Celebrity MasterChef, I know how tough cooking under pressure can be."

For those not familiar with the show, it was basically some of the best afternoon programming around. And I am not being dramatic when I say that several food TV fans' hearts were cleaved in half when it was cancelled back in 2010.

Joe Maher/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The concept of the show is that contestants are given a £10 budget and ten minutes to rustle something incredibly delicious. With the help of a wily and experienced TV chef. The teams are either red tomatoes or green peppers. At the end of the episode, there's a tremendously dramatic bit where the audience all pick up a placard with either a red tomato or green pepper, signalling who they think deserves to win. Although it's 2019 and voting is a bit of a sensitive topic so I'm sure they'll maybe use a more high tech system than a host looking into the crowd and guessing which one features the most.

What's important to remember is this show launched the TV careers of the likes of Gino Di Campo and James Martin. Which means that, hey, you might see some less-than-familiar chefs on the show who become mega stars. Just saying.

By the looks of Clark-Neal's Instagram, this time around, the chefs will be Akis Petretzikis, Romy Gill, Mike Reid, Anna Haugh, and Ellis Barre.

The show will launch in 2020 so get ready, steady, COOK!

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